Power of a Lie

Absurdity is not a handicap in politics – Napoleon
A lie can travel can travel halfway around the world while truth is putting on its shoestrings. – Mark Twain


Control of your feelings

Why let others dictate the way you feel?
If you do not feel insulted, who can ever insult you?
If you are not hurt, who has the power to hurt you?
 Vinita Dawra Nangia
Let ‘Butter’ sense prevail!”
TimesLife, Sunday Times, April 24, 2011

But I Still Know

“A dedicated sculptor creates beautiful idol to adorn a temple’s tall gopuram. At the final stage, he notices a very minor flaw in his work. At once he puts the piece aside and starts working on a fresh piece of the stone. His friend comments: “Who is going to notice this flaw in the idol, whwn it is installed at that height!” The sculptor replies:
“But I still Know.”

That is the measure of true, deep-down, punishingly strict honesty. The fact – that “I know”.

Indeed the most difficult time to be honest is when nobody is watching or when nobody would know any better. True test of character is when you are naked with yourself and you compromise under any circumstances.

This path is exacting and tests many.

Extracted from
“Would you like to walk like Sachin?”
“O-zone” by Vinita Dawra Nagia
-TimesLife! – Sunday Times, April 3, 2011.