Kutchh: Bird’s Eye view [કચ્છઃ વિહંગાવલોકન]

First Edition: July 2011

Author: Haresh Dholakia                                       hareshdholakia@yahoo.com

Publishers: Goorjar Granthratna Karyalay      goorjar@yahoo.com

ISBN 987 -81-8480-596-3

Shri Haresh Dholakia has written and published several books on Kutchh in the past. “Kutchh: Bird’s Eye View” is thus a continuing compendium of his incremental articles on Kutch.

Resultantly, the book, spanning 21 concise chapters, covers several facets, like geo-cultural history and reports; the politico-historical events; life-sketches of Kutchhi personae, who could or could not impact the then events; developments in the field of education as well as analysis of post-2001-earthquake Kutchh.

The author, while covering a very wide spectrum of subjects, has clearly drawn the boundary of the scope of this book in the preface. These short articles, or notes, have twin objectives: To document the current and past events and to provide the basis and inputs for further research.

Considering the fact that these articles have been written over a period, mainly for the Author’s regular column in Kutchhmitra, a prominent local daily Gujarati newspaper, the book does meet it’s both objectives.

The article relating to writing the history of Kutch – the eleventh article on pp. 69 – succinctly explains the travails of historians while compiling the authentic data on Kutch. This may be the reason why the author seems to have adopted the bird’s eye view concept across all the articles.

Overall, the book is a very just effort in the right direction and appropriately reflects author’s deep-rooted affection and sense of duty for whatever is associated with Kutch.

The book is certainly a must-read and must-possess for anyone associated with any aspect of Kutch. In fact, the pressing need for English translation of this book would require no emphasis, considering the fact that Kucthh has enveloped more non-Kutchis and even non-Gujartais into its fold post-2001-earthquake.


n  Ashok Vaishnav, Ahmedabad September 26, 2011


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