How can the post-60s Gujarati literature benefit from Internet and digital technology?

I was reading poems of Shri Bhagawati Sharma today in Navneet-Samarpan’s August’11 issue.

He is one of those contributors of Gujarati prose and poetry who enable Gujarati literature to stand up to the then popular trend of English literature by the range of subjects, use of the modern form of gujarati language as well as the themes.

My memory also recalls some of favourite Gujarati writers –  Shivkumar Joshi, Chandrakant Baxi, Anil Joshi, Harindra Dave, Mohammad Mankad, Raghuvir Chaudhari, Madhav Ramanuj; stellar mgazines – Chandani, Akhand Anand , Kumaar or Stars of Children literature – Vijaygupta Maurya, Hariprasad Vyas, Gandiv, Ramakadun.

I, and many more like me, have not been able to maintain contact with these in the subsequent years, probably on account of limited reach of Gujarati print medium.

With advent of internet and digital technology from the start of 21st century, access to the new, techno-savvy, generation’s literary work has been easier.

However, it it seems that need of the hour is collaboration of individual and collective efforts of Writers , Publishers and all techno-savvy Gujaratis to revitalize the treasure of Gujarati Literature, subject of course to due respects to commercial and IPR interests,  with the help of the digital technology.

Seven Years in Jail and a $190 Million Fine | Knowledge@Wharton Today

Seven Years in Jail and a $190 Million Fine | Knowledge@Wharton Today.

The most outstanding aspects, we may not agree with or may not be able to appreciate it, of this affair are:

—  The judicial process has been able to conclude in span of around two years – unlike several years in India

— The nature of punishment, in that seems to be substantial enough to make lasting effect on the next chain of events and generation

— The trend of increasingly successful rise of persons who,“believe in democracy or in government that actually is accountable to the governed”, which in turn seems to make all most all forms of governance equally and easily prone to clever manipulation .

Seth’s Blog: First, make rice

Seth’s Blog: First, make rice.

The post raises very pertinent question about quality of creativity.

Of course, it no mean credit if one is creative or innovative in one’s day-to-day life.

However,  as is normally expected, the creative and /or innovative person will never rest at that stage. He /she would certainly strive to reach higher levels of creative / innovative outcomes.

Also, it would be equally interesting to question the purpose of creativity  /innovation  at this stage.

The value of any process as well as its outcome(s) need to be judged with reference to its purpose.