The Steve Jobs Anti-Eulogy | BNET

The Steve Jobs Anti-Eulogy | BNET.

I reproduce the last paragraph of this blog, with an intention to write my own views thereon:

The truth is that most special people are lonely, and have little impact on the world. And in the long run, group movements are what change history, and being part of a movement is what makes a person an instigator of change.”

In the present day organization, irrespective of the basis of its existence, no one individual can wholly claim the credit [or discredit] for what has happened [or not happened or not happened the way it ought to have happened].

To be fair, one can have influence on the goings-on.

The extent of  the impact of the influence is again dependent on the one who is influencing, those who are being influenced, the then dynamics of interaction of influence-giving-and-taking paradigm and the time frame reference for its subsequent review.


In July 2011, I opted to retire from my active career as a practicing management professional. In the 38 years that I pursued this career, I had opportunity to work in diverse capacities, in small-to-medium-to-large engineering companies. Whether I was setting up Greenfield projects or Brownfield projects, nurturing the new start-ups or accelerating the stabilized unit to a next phase growth, I had many more occasions to take the paths uncharted. The life then was so challenging! One of the biggest casualty in that phase was my disregards towards my hobbies - Be with The Family, Enjoy Music form Films of 1940s to mid-1970s period, write on whatever I liked to read, pursue amateur photography and indulge in solving the chess problems. So I commenced my Second Innings to focus on this area of my life as the primary occupation. At the end of four years, I am now quite a regular blogger. I have been able to build a few very strong pen-relationships. I maintain contact with 38-years of my First Innings as freelance trainer and process facilitator. And yet, The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep.

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