Indian cinema on stamps – Let’s talk about Bollywood!

Indian cinema on stamps – Let’s talk about Bollywood!.

This is the link to a marvellous effort – a collection of stamps that depict Indian Cinema, from across the world.

I have put across a representattive sample here:

Awara - RKSDBA Great QuartetNutanIndia's Glittering Jewels



5 Replies to “Indian cinema on stamps – Let’s talk about Bollywood!”

  1. Thanks Ashok, I hope many people will appreciate the work of the artsists who did their best to represent Indian cinena on these little pieces of paper!!

  2. Indeed!
    This should certainly put the kind of work done by so many named and unnamed artists in making the Indian Film industry what it is today in the most appropriately appreciative perspective.
    What is really important is that you have put the entire galaxy into one’s palm!
    Something akin to Virat Darshan – a Grand Spectacle- where Krishna had shown the entire Universe to Arjun in his open-jaws.

    1. Yes… the only restriction being that (after looking well) I have found only 60 representatives of the whole of Indian cinema world deemed worthy of being transferred on stamp! That was surprisingly few, don’t you think? (and this even if one agrees that only the dead should be thus immortalized, and if the Indian Post service has no duty towards the cinema!)

  3. a great post specially when the postal stamps are fast disappearing (taken over by e-mail etc.) I do not remember when last I used a stamp to send a personal letter. And a good tribute to old Boliwood stalwarts. But true as Yves says, more, many more could and should have been given such reprsentation. I have a feeling even Russia could have issued a stamp for Raj Kapoor for he was very popular there.

    1. Yes, in fact (so called) celebrations of 100 years of Indian Cinema also has not ventured out of a very narrow concept of ‘celebration’, and have taken such extra pains to unravel the historical records on platforms other than fils and thier reviews.

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