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Be Money Aware” is a very well – written, well-reseacrhed site/ blog on the matters of the world of finance and  investments as, seen from the point of view of a [typical] lay, ‘retail investor’ .

The present article on “Gangnam Style” seems to have been spurred by the inherent trend of more and more and Indians also gravitating to the mindset of spending (first) rather than saving.

THe writer of the blog has dug up an intersting underlying aspect of Ganganam Style – “an upscale neighborhood of Seoul like Beverly Hills of California. It occupies a psychic place in the minds of Korea’s 99% and represents the luxurious life for which they strive”.

But as is the typical style of tis blog, it does not just  rest with the introduction and /or detailing of the subject. It goes on to present all possible aspects, that a (lay) investor / reader should know in order to a n ‘awakened consumer’.

So we have an excellent treatise on Gangnam Style, to read on, enrich our knoweldge and fully enjoy …………

Gangnam Style « Be Money Aware Blog.

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