Ravi Shankar: LIFE With the Sitar Maestro

Here is my own humble tribute to Pandit Ravi Shankar:


Ravi Shankar: LIFE With the Sitar Maestro, 1956

Among the songs that he composed for Hindi Films, Hae Re Woh Din Kyun Na Aaye (Anuradha), undoubtedly, would be the one that would come up any time into my mind:


Here is  clip of of his one of the many classical performances, Raag Rageshwari:


Of course, he chose to play several other, usually not very poular, raags. That was his inner creative urge, and perhaps, his non-conformist core.


2 Replies to “Ravi Shankar: LIFE With the Sitar Maestro”

  1. Two similar plants in seperate boxes were fed similar light, water etc except that one was subjected to loud pop music while the other to sitar vadan. The first plant died within days and the other bloomed. My son when I told him said,”I would have died in the second box, ” He will learn in his own time. Sitar is sure life giving.nbearable but this is l
    Thanks Ashoke Sahab. The loss of the Pandit is indeed unbearable but this is life. You have selected two gems from the sea of beautiful gems. well done.

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