The Genesis of Carnival of Blogs on Golden Era of Hindi Film Music

The seeds of my hobby of listening to Hindi Film Music were planted in my early childhood, when we would listen to the songs of the film currently being screened at Modern Talkies, a cinema hall located a street away from the back-wall window of our home, in Bhuj (Kutch, Gujarat). The cinema halls of those days used to play the songs of the current film, as a means of promoting the film, before the show and during the intervals.

However, it was only at the beginning of my ‘second innings’ that I started penning down my views on songs that I liked. But, for this to happen, the credit goes to blogs / sites dedicated to vivaciously re-visiting Golden Era of Hindi Film Music, in a very innovatively and creatively structured manner.

I started by writing tentative ‘comments’ to the articles posted @ Songs of Yore. The articles on artistes like Jagjit Kaur, Suman Kalyanpur, Kamal Barot, Subir Sen; on music directors like Daan Singh, Vinod, C Arjun, Shailesh Mukherji made me to subscribe to the site for receiving the articles as they were published and post my own views and likings on the articles.

Then came an article: Best songs of 1955: And the winners are! , where upon I went on long on expressing my views. And to the surprise of surprises, Shri AKji seemed to receive these excursions very positively.

That built up my rapport not only with SoY, but with also with other blogs linked- rolled thereto – Dusted Off  , Conversations Over Chai ,Harveypam’s Blog ,Atul’s Bollywood Song A Day – with full lyrics.

The Genesis of Carnival of Blogs on Golden Era of Hindi Film Music

I have also been reading a special compilation of articles published on blogs having a common underlying theme. One such very successful and effective series is Leadership Development Carnival, primarily host-anchored by Dan McCarthy of Great Leadership.

So, I also would like to take up Carnival of Blogs on Golden Era of Hindi Film Music. I would compile and present the work of the blogs that I already visit very regularly and share mu views thereto. I would also introduce myself to at least one new blog on the subject, thereby enriching the carnival collection under one roof.

I plan to publish the post on last Sunday of every month, beginning with January, 2013.