Vintage Photos of Hindi Films and Film stars

This is to present a collection of vintage photographs form Covers of Filmfare.

I landed upon these through the Old Indian Photos, which featured the series from Inde, Bollywood & Cie

I have collected the photographs into a presentation file @  Film Stars on Vintage Covers 

So, photographs can be enjoyed either on that presentation or more details can be pursued at the sites referred to above.


13 Replies to “Vintage Photos of Hindi Films and Film stars”

  1. These photographs brought back memories of later years, the 1960s, when I got to see Filmfare. It had become more colourful.Names of photographers like Jitendra Arya and Dhiraj Chavda also come to mind. And then follows the memory of some regular popular features of the magazine, like I. S. Johar’s replies to readers’ questions, and Banaji’s reviews of the films.

    1. That’s so very right. I still distinctly can etch out stunning shots, by Guatam Rajadhyaksha, in the later years,from my memory! Photographs can add so much power to the mystery (or beauty) of a star!
      (Illustrated) Weekly and Filmfare were so very readable (in 60s), in those days. In fact, they helped shape my habit of reading English, as well.

    1. I am only the carrier of of someone’s else’s good work. But yes, I enjoyed them when I first saw these photographs and articles. So , i thought of putting them in one place and re-share.

  2. Ashok, that cover with Nutan, what a waste! They’ve smeared rouge in a thick spread over her lips, it really makes me feel bad!
    Otherwise, very nice!

    1. Now that you point out, this does come to notice – otherwise, the first thing that had drawn my look at her so vivacious eye-look – her disarming smile in the one on the left and an endearing glance in the one on the right hand shot.

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