Mansoor Ali Khan – Nawab of Pataudi – (the) Tiger – Person and Personality

I just completed translating the inaugural MAK Pataudi Memorial Lecture, delivered by Sunil Gavaskar at Chennai on 16th February, 2013.
While searching for a similar lecture delivered by Imran Khan, I landed upon some more interesting video clips of interviews of him, or about him.
Here they are:
Imran Khan – Delivering The Inagural Tiger Pataudi Memorial Lecture

Never knew how to address Pataudi: Gavaskar

Former Indian cricket captain and the last Nawab of Pataudi, Mansur Ali Khan, in “FaceToFace” with Karan Thapar, broadcast on BBC on 12 July, 2000.

Devil’s Advocate :: ” Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi” :: Don’t Adore Cricketers So Quickly
:: 1/5 –

:: 2/5

:: 3/5

:: 4/5

:: 5/5

Writer Jeffrey Archer on Tiger Pataudi’s charisma –

Nawab of Pataudi – Documentary:

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