The Pursuit of Happiness – Seen Through a Great Photographer’s Lens

English: Logo of LIFE magazine.
English: Logo of LIFE magazine. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One phrase associated with the Declaration of Independence, meanwhile — “the pursuit of happiness’ — has long been something of a sticking point in any discussion of what our unalienable rights really are. Here, on the heels of TIME magazine’s special summer double-issue organized around that very theme, recalls a feature from LIFE magazine almost exactly 65 years ago, when the editors convened a round table of heavy thinkers to tackle the slippery question: What does the “pursuit of happiness” actually mean?

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Alfred Eisensteadt—LIFE Magazine


[MORE: See Jeffrey Kluger’s feature, “The Happiness of Pursuit.”]

2 Replies to “The Pursuit of Happiness – Seen Through a Great Photographer’s Lens”

  1. happiness is not elusive. only different people have different perspective. You get happiness some times by losing delibrately to let other win. You get happiness by helping the needy. Americans only get happy by preserving THEIR OWN at ANY cost unfortunately. Indian philosophy of dharma karma atithi devo bhava and help the downtrodden to get merit etc is alien to many.

    1. I do share your thoughts in terms of the perspectives of Happiness.
      It is generally said that happiness does not come out one’s conscious pursuits – which does result in physical well being, but not necessarily, the happiness.
      Happiness is the sate of mind.

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