Life – Stages – what it looks like !! ??

Couple of days I read a Google+ posting titled  Stages of Life., with an eye-catching, revealing and thought-provoking image:

Stages of Life

Obviously, the first thing my mind recalled was product life cycle:

Prodcut Life Cycle

And that led to a search of similar images on internet.

Here are some that I found quite interesting:


Stages of Life -2

The Four Stages of LifeWheels of Life

6 Replies to “Life – Stages – what it looks like !! ??”

  1. Hi Ashok,
    Very nice post, I’m sure there would be other representations to be found! I for one like to represent the life stages as those of a man climbing a mountain, but instead of having a picture of reaching the top at the “acme of life” and then having to go down again, I see the same mountain with its top hidden in the clouds, and men climbing towards the top, and naturally finding it most difficult towards the top – having climbed all the way – but also with some figures who would have decided to stop, or not to climb any further than a certain height, so that by climbing you would pass fellow climbers of all ages, some going faster, some slower, some having stopped and some having resumed… There would also be a few ladders falling from the clouds for the purpose of others!

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