The Micro View of The Best Songs of 1950 @ Songs of Yore – Setting the stage

Review of songs of Hindi films for a particular year is now a well-established practice @ Songs of Yore. Previously conducted reviews of 1955, 1953 and 1951 were widely debated among the readers. The exercise does not remain confined to only the pros and cons of a song (or a music director), but revives several aspects related the popularity as well as merits of the composition, then and over the subsequent years. The exercise also provides a very apt opportunity to re-visit the songs. Many of the songs have already faded out from the memory, but thanks to this vivacious all-round discussion and YouTube, we get to refresh our deep layers of memory while reconnecting with these songs.

Presently, ‘Best songs of 1950: And the winners are?’ takes us back to 1950. The post opens the subject further through sub-topics like Musical Land Marks, Other Important Musical Compositions, Debut, Fact-file and Trivia. As one wades through these waters, list of Memorable Songs opens up the flood gates by way of shortlist of song that stood out from all the songs of that year. The overview is rounded up a very incisive view of Special songs – ‘which are largely unfamiliar and which may not figure in any conventional list of ‘Best songs’, but these are the songs which mesmerise you on the first listening, and tend to remain with you forever.’

I also take very active part in the discussions on these posts @ Songs of Yore. Every piece of point of view that I submit does necessarily call for a fairly detailed (and quite interesting) homework, in terms of revisiting the songs on YT. This year I would document the back-end work as a series of posts tagged here The Best Songs of 1950 @ SoY

Having leafed through other songs of 1950 from other sources like Hindi Film Geet Kosh, I would totally agree that 152 songs presented @ MEMORABLE SONGS and another 16 songs @ the Special Songs indeed ensure that “nothing of value is left out” to base our discussions nor the songs that matter in terms of their intrinsic listening pleasure at the present juncture. So, all my discussions and listing of the songs in the present series of posts would remain within the bounds of these songs.

For the ease of reference, we may refer to the Best Songs of 1950 – Memorable Songs and Special Songs, created by copying the relevant portions from the original post.

So, every fourth day from now on, we will take a micro-view of various segments of The Best Songs of 1950.


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