The Micro View of The Best Songs of 1950 @ Songs of Yore – Male Solo Songs – Talat Mahmood

We listened to Mukesh’s solo songs in our last episodeas part of our journey through the Best songs of 1950: And the winners are?.

We would now pick solo songs of Talat Mahmood.

Talat Mahmood had two great films – Arzoo (Anil Biswas) and Babul (Naushad) this year. With so much astounding commercial success, it was quite ironical that Talat Mahmood had a very short association with Anil Biswas and with Naushad Babul was the only one. They did one more song a good 18 years later (Aadmi- 1968 – Kaisi Haseen Ye Baharon Ki Raat Hai) which also got overturned in the final take !

Be that as it may, we have here a very wide range of songs to listen to :

1. Jab kisi ke rukh pe zulfein aa ke lahrane laginAnmol Ratan – DN Madhok – Vinod

2. Ae dil mujhe aisi jagah le chalArzoo – Majrooh Sultanpuri – Anil Biswas

3. Husnwaalon ko na dil doBabul – Shakeel Badayuni- Naushad

4. Mera jeewan saathi bichhad gayaBabul – Shakeel Badayuni – Naushad

5. Sundarata ke sabhi shikaariJogan – Pt Indra – Bulo C Rani

6. Mitne De Meri ZindagiMeharbani -Shewan Rizvi – Hafeez Khan 

Additional songs sourced from Hindi Film Geet Kosh, with the support of YT:

7. Sooni Kar Gaye Sham Hamari Soona Kiya SaveraWafa – Dina Nath Madhok –  Vinod

8. Ban Than Ke Chali, Saj Dhaj Ke ChaliBhai Bahen – Ishwar Chandra Kapoor – Shyam Sundar

9. Jalti Hai Duniya, Jalti Rahegi, O Dilwale Pyar Kiye JaKamal Ke Phool – Rajendra Krishna – Shyam Sundar

While searching on YT, this great Non-Film Song is also said to be created in 1950:

10. Mera Pyar Mujhe Lauta Do – Sajjan – V Balsara


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