The Micro View of The Best Songs of 1950 @ Songs of Yore – Male Solo Songs – G M Durrani

In the preceding posts we listened to solo songs of Mukesh, Talat Mahmood and Mohammad Rafi respectively, as part of our journey through the Best songs of 1950: And the winners are?.

Our expanded search has yielded, in fact not so surprisingly, almost comparable number of solo songs by another vintage era stalwart – G M Durrani. Quite talented and as widely accepted, G M Durrani must remain one of the most underrated artist in the world of Hindi Film Music.  He was well –noticed, found place always in the first row and yet seems to always have missed the hall of fame by a few whiskers when compared to his contemporaries like Rafi, Talat or Mukesh. The accolades that he got were relatively faint enough to get obliterated very fast in the rising tides of his peers in the 50s.

1. Ye duniya bewafaai ki wafa ka raaz kya jaaneMadhubalaRajendra Krishna – Lachhiram

2. Kisi Ko Yaad Karta Hai Mera DilMadhubalaIshwar Chandra Kapoor – Lachhiram

3. Nayi Jawani Rut Mastani, Thandi Shaam SuhaniMadhubala – Rajendra Krishna – Lachchiram

4. Meri Zindagi Bhi Koi Zindagi HaiDolti Duniya – Jhafar Malihababadi – Ram Prasad

5. Humein Yeh Jeena Ab Gawara NahinKhel – Wahjad Lakhnavi – Sajjad Hussain

6. Main Koi Jhooth BoliyaMadari –    – Hansraj Behl

7. Main Kisko Sunaun Gam Ki Kahani , Saare Sahare Chhot GayeMaang – Saagar Badayuni – Ghulam Mohammad

8. Dua Ye Hai Ke Haseenon Ke Baap Mar Jaaye Hamare Vaste Maidan Saaf Kar Jaaye (With Chorus) – Meherbani – Khumar Barabanquavi – Hafiz Khan

9. Ni Sa Ga Ma Pa Hae Raam Ji.. Bachpan Se Ye Mera SaathiSabak– D N Madhok – A R Qureshi




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