The Micro View of The Best Songs of 1950 @ Songs of Yore – Male Female Duets : Mohammad Rafi with other female singers

We continue with the micro-review of Male Female Duets, as part of our journey through the Best songs of 1950: And the winners are?

We have enjoyed duets of Mukesh.

Today we will take up Duets of Mohammad Rafi with

                                                                                              Lata Mangeshkar

1. Hamen Duniya Ko Dil Ke Zakhma Dilkalaana Nahin AataAadhi Raat – Asad Bhopali – Husnlal Bhagatram

2. Chhota sa fasana hai tere mere pyar kaBirha Ki Raat – Sarshar Sailani – Husnlal-Bhagatram

3. Ankhiyan mila ke zara baat karo jiPardes – Shakeel Badayuni – Ghulam Mohammad

4. Mahi O dupata mora de deMeena Bazaar – Qamar Jalalabadi – Husnlal-Bhaatram

                                                                                      Shamshad Begum

5. Mere Dil Ko Jalaya Na KaroGauna – Quamar Jalalabadi – Husnlal Bhagatram

6. Hua Tera Mera Pyar FatafatPardes – Shakeel Badayuni – Ghulam Mohammad

7. Le Lo…. Ji Maharaj , Dupatta Mera Saat Rang KaMeena Bazar – Qamar Jalalabadi

(HFGK lists these three songs as three part song.)

8. Duniya Hai Barbad Dil KiMeena Bazar – Qamar Jalalabadi – Husnlal Bhagatram

( HFGK lists these as part 2 of three parts of the song, hence even as this is Rafi + Lata duet, we have placed the song here).

9. Gori baahon mein chudiyan kaali saja lo raniMeena Bazaar – Qamar Jalalabadi – Husnlal-Bhaatram

(HFGK lists this one as third of the three part song. The first two parts are listed immediately hereabove.)

The clip is of poor quality

                                                                                   Geeta Roy

10. Dil Zakhmon Se ChoorAadhi Raat – Rajendra Krishna – Husnlal Bhagatram

11. Shama Jalti Hai To Parwane Chale Aate HainBaawra – Gafil Harnalavi – Krishna Dayal

12. Jhoom Jhoom Kar Badal Aaye, Kudarat Ka Sandesha LaeKhamosh Sipahi – D N Madok – Hansraj Behl


13. Ham Bhi Akele Tum Bhi AkeleShaan – Rajendra Krishna – Hansraj Behl

14. Ye Pyar Ki Manzil Se Kisane Saza DiKhiladi – Rajendra Krishna – Hansraj Behl

We have covered Taarai Aarari Taarari …Ye Sawan Rut Tum Aur Hum, Dhadak Dhadak Dil Dhadake and Dil Ko Hae Dil Ko ..Teri Tasveer Se Bahalae Hue Hain (Taraana – Shakeel Badayuni – Naushad) @ Several Playback Singers for For Raj Kapoor.

                                                                                        Surinder Kaur

15. Hum dil ki dhadkan ki laya par furqat ke gaane gaate hainKhamosh Sipahi – DN Madhok – Hansraj Behl

16. Kah do humein na beqaraar kareinSabak – DN Madhok – AR Qureshi

                                                                                 Zohrabai Ambalawali + Chorus

17. Jawani Chand Salona, Chamake Aur Chhup JaeSaudaminee – S N Tripathi

                                                                                  Asha Bhosle

18. Muhabbat Ke Maaron Ka Haal Ye Duniya Mein Hota HaiBaware Nain – Kedar Sharma – Roshan




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10 thoughts on “The Micro View of The Best Songs of 1950 @ Songs of Yore – Male Female Duets : Mohammad Rafi with other female singers”

  1. Ashokji,
    Again very admirable hard work. The pick of your list is Mere dil ko jalaya na karo by Rafi and Shamshad Begum in Gauna. This could have figured in my Select List.

    Mohabbat ke maaron ka haal seems to be a very favourite theme in our songs. In the same year, we have Shamshad Begum’s Mohabbat karnewalon ka yahi anjaam hota hai in Ankhen. In Albela (1951) we have Haseenon se mohabbat ka bura anjaam hota hai. Does it give you ideas for MVS?

    1. I have been toying with the idea of songs that have a common line used in their mukhda. I have been able to collect some material as well.
      Mohabbat Ke Maaron is certainly a very popular common thread in our heart-broken love birds world of Hindi Films.
      And I fight hard to desist from thanking you for your so very encouraging response ….

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