Fading Memories….Unforgettable Songs

Fading Memories….Unforgettable Songs: March, 2016

March also happens to be the month which has Holi, a festival of colors, which so popularly, particularly in North India, symbolizes the advent of spring.

Bhagwan Thavrani had recalled a Mohammad Rafi, Manna Dey duet from Biradari (1966) – Tum Jo Ho So Khuda To Nahin Ho.

That reminded me another of Chitragupt – Mohammad Rafi gem from the film – Abhi Na Phero Nazar Ke Zindagi Sanwar To Le

With this preamble, we come back to the opening line of our present post and listen to one of the most popular Holi songs – A..Ra.Ra. Rang Do Sabhi Ko Ek Rang Mein. This Mohammad Rafi, Manna Dey, Suman Kalyanpur triad chorus would remain in the folds of fading memory, if it was not the ensuing Holi festival.

From the festivities of color, we now join Harish Raghuvanshi, to retrospect into the vintage era melody with the help of playlist – Very Old Songs of ‘30s and 40’s

Samir Dholakia has sent in several posts from Atul’s Song A Day, which, as always, provide not only the lyrics and some very interesting information relating to the song, but also help us to refresh our memories of some of the Unforgettable Songs that have been Fading out from our Memories..

Mujhe dard toone ye kyaa diyaa (by Atul) – is a Basant Prakash solo composed for Lata Mangeshkar for Saloni (1952).

Phir milne ke zamaana aa gaya re saanwariya (by Atul) is a rare Shamshad Begum, Asha Bhosle duet composed by Aziz Hindi for Danka (1954).

Tu maane ya na maane balam anjaane (by Atul) is a Lata Mangeshkar solo, from Kismat Ka Khel (1956), composed by Shanker Jaikishan and penned by Shailendra.

Bezubaan Dil Shor Na Machaa (by Sudhir Kapoor) is also a Shanker Jaikishan – Suman Kalyanpur solo which Shnaker has probably composed well after the painful passing away of Jaikishan and Shailendra for Door Nahin Manzil (1973)

Naresh Mankad has remembered S D Burman’s trademark beautiful composition that combines the sweetness of Lata Mangeshkar’s vocal chords with the accompaniment of sitar in playful ‘harkat’ of deftly executed ‘meend’, with flute chipping in the support in creating the ambience for Dr. Vidya (1962)’s Khanke Kangana Beendiya Hanse

Three of Lata Mangeshkar songs, which are comparatively forgotten kept coming to Bhagwan Thavrani’s mind again and again . All of them has that intense feeling of longing for the beloved…

Here they are:

  1. We all remember N. Dutta film BLACK CAT (1959)for the playful Lata number ( strictly speaking, a duet as the song begins with a Sakhi of Rafi ) ‘ Main Tumhin Se Poochhti Hun Mujhe Tum Se Pyaar Kyun Hai ‘ but many of us have forgotten that the movie had a haunting Lata solo ‘Sitare Raah Takate Hain, Chale Aao Aao ( सितारे राह तकते हैं चले आओ चले आओ ‘ . The song is based on BHIMPALASI and is penned by Jaa Nissar Akhtar. It is filmed on Minoo Mumtaaz, a rare choice for heroines role. The repetition of the words ‘ चले आओ ‘ in different tones and modulations by Lata is incomparable!

  1. Ravi’s favourite female singer was always Asha and he made no qualms for it. It was always obvious and there for all to be seen. He however has a few solos sung by Lata and all are memorable. (Lo aa gai unki yaad, Woh dil kahaan se laaun, Badle badle mere sarkar nazar aate hain, Ai mere dil-e-naadaan ) . But to me, this one takes the cake. It is from EK SAAL (1957) which had a dual version solo song Sab Kuchh Loota Ke Hosh Mein Aaye To Kya Hua, rendered by Talat Mahamood and Lata Mangeshkar. The song’s mukhda is Chale Bhi Aao Chale Bhi Aao, Tumhen Kasam Hai Chale Bhi Aao. The song is written by Prem Dhavan and is based in Pahadi . Here it is :

Song is picturized on The Eternal Beauty (no need to name her, she’s there in all our hearts! ) . Note the words. Here ‘ chale BHI aao ‘ instead of ‘ chale aao ‘ adds a sort of intensity as a sense of pleading is there as if saying ” Do come, please do come, life is no more life without you ! “

  1. And lastly, a truely divine song !  (My favorite songs are divided into 4 categories. Very good , excellent , par – excellent and DIVINE , where the least number is in the last category and naturally so! ) . The painful words are by the Maestro Sahir and music by the MASTER Shyam Sunder (of LAHORE fame) . The film is ALIF LAILA (1953). The mukhda is Bahar Aai Khili Kaliyan, Hanse Taare Chale Aao, Hamen Jine Nahin Dete Ye Nazarr, Chale Aao Here it is :

It is filmed on Nimmi and is based on my favorite SHIVRANJINI . The words depict the intensity of INTEZAR and when Lata sings ” जुबां पर आह बन-बन के तुम्हारा नाम आता है , मुहब्बत में तुम्हीं जीते हमीं हारे चले आओ “, heavens just fall on me ! This is the height of love and longing when one of the two raises his hands in desperation and says “ok, I admit defeat. But do come”

This song incidentally, is the oldest of the 3 and has that teenage tenderness in Lata’s voice which was adapted from Noorjehan which disappeared with the course of time (whether for good or otherwise is for you connoisseurs to decide! )

Sumantbhai (Dadu) has remembered a Lata Mangeshkar song in an altogether new mood, from Daman(1951) – Tiru Lilla Tiru Lilla Tiru Lilla La, Gaye Lata Gaye Lata Gaye Lata Ga Haule Haule Re. Hindi Geetmala has provided the full lyrics of the song. The song is composed by K Datta and penned by Raja Mehndi Ali Khan.

As has been settled, we shall conclude our present episode with Mohammad Rafi songs.

Ek Dil Ne Kaha Ek Dil Ne Suna – Parda (1949) – Sharmaji – Sawami Ramanand. The song was remembered by Samir Dholakia and incidentally has strong influence of Husnlal Bhagatram’s style.

For more of such rare songs of Mohammad Rafi, we will cast net in the films that have been covered in this episode:

Khamosh Kyon Ho Taaro – with Lata Mangeshkar – Alif Laila (1953) – Shyam Sunder – This film had the lead male solos in the voice of Talat Mahmood.

Ajeeb Zindagi Hai Yeh – Door Nahin Manzil (1973) is filmed on Sanjeev Kumar. Sanjeev Kumar appears younger that may lead us to believe that film may have been released later.

We have been listening to the songs that carry immense pathos. So let us switch over to a couple of light songs.

Dil To Kisi Ke Denge – Ek Saal (1957) – Ravi. A signature song lip-synched by Jhonny Walker. This film had another Mohammad Rafi song which appears, in background, three times in the film – Kis Ke Liye Ruka Hai Kis Ke Liye Rukega, Karana Hai Jo Bhi Kar Le Ye Waqt Ja Raha Hai . Mohammad Rafi was considered a specialist plyabck singer for songs of this genre.

Similarly, Black Cat (1959) had a signature Jhonny Walker song – Kaun Tujhe Roke Kaun Tujhe Toke.

We will meet again on 2nd Sunday of the next month… with more unforgettable songs that have started slipping out of our memory….

If you have such songs to share, you are most heartily welcome…..