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The Micro View of the Best Songs of 1949 @ SoY – MY Top Male Solo Songs

In the stage 1 of our Micro View of the Best Songs of 1949 @ SoY we have taken Male Solo Songs. We have covered solo songs of G M Durrani + Talat Mahamood, Surendra + ‘Other’ Male Singers, Mukesh, and Mohammed Rafi’s evergreen solo songs, in conjunction with  Mohammed Rafi’s other noteworthy songs , in two parts.

The universe from which I have picked up my choice of the Top Male Solo Songs for the year 1949 remains the songs that have been presented for the individual male singers in the previous posts. This was just with a view to get the opportunity to revisit as many more songs as possible, thereby supplementing what game-setting overview post @SoY already has offered.

As would be expected, not more than one song from a film has been chosen. That provided me a better opportunity to further closely evaluate my choice of THE song when there was more than one song to choose from a film.

Here are the songs that I would choose as Top Male Solo Songs for the Year 1949, in no particular order, except that films have been arranged in the descending alphabetical order.

Any one song or all songs from one album put together, Mukesh’s songs from Andaz do make Mukesh a very close second contender. But, in terms of total number of songs in a year, with the different numbers of music directors and in terms of overall popularity and impact as a singer in the given year, I would put my bets on Mohammed Rafi as the Best Male Singer for 1949 and Suhani raat dhal chuki as his best solo song.

SoY also has released Best songs of 1949: Wrap Up 1. The wrap up has very elaborately laid different considerations and equally different points of views. SoY Award for the Best Male Playback Singer for 1949 goes to Mukesh and The Best Male Solo of 1949 is Tu kahe agar.

We will now move over to the next phase of The Micro View of the Best Songs of 1949 @ SoY – viz. Other than Lata Mangeshkar Female Solo Songs.