The Micro View of the Best Songs of 1949 @ SoY – Female Solo Songs – Other Singers – Rajkumari

Having listened to the three female singers, Suraiya, Geeta Roy and Shamshad Begum, who individually have a fairly large share of solo songs in the year under review, I went on to collect all representative solo songs of female singers other than these three most significant of the ‘other’ singers; the picture that emerged is quite interesting. Of 30 + songs that I have selected and for which I could locate the live YT link, solo songs of Raajkumari again has major share of 10+ songs. Her songs from Mahal had attained a very high popularity ranking then, and remain quite popular even now.

Solo Songs of Raajkumari

Main To Haar Gayee Hun Laga Ke Nain – Bhikari – Hans Raj Behl – Sevak Ram

Kyun Dil Mera Tadapati Hai – Dhoom Dham – Sufi Samaj – Aziz Kashmiri

Mere Dil Ki Duniya Hai Jinke Hawale – Jigar- C Ramchandra – Ehsaan Rizvi

Main Woh Dulhan Hun Raaz Na Aaya Jise Singaar– Mahal – Khem Chand Prakash – Nakhshab Jarachavi

YT also documented its second version:

Mahal also had yet another iconic Raajkumari song – Ghabra Ke Jo Ham Sar Ko Takaraye To Achcha Ho

Lo Woh Sapno Ki Dumiya Basane Lage, Hamain Bhane Lage – Neki Aur Badi – Roshan [Roshan’s debut film] – Kidar Sharma

He Chandravadan, Chanda Ki Kiran, Tum Kiska Chitra Banati Ho – Ram Vivah – Shankar Rao Vyas

Jal Bin Machchali, Piya Bin Sajani, Tadap Tadap Hi Mare – Rangila Rajasthan – S K Pal – Bharat Vyas

Ham Bhi Aseer-e-Gam Hain – Thes – Snehal (V B Bhatkar) – Prem Sarang

Ari Ho Mohe Chhed Gaya – Singaar- Khurshid Anwar – D N Madhok

Our next call is two jointly significant ‘other’ female singers – Surinder Kaur and Asha Bhosle –  in our journey of solo songs of ‘other’ female singers.



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10 thoughts on “The Micro View of the Best Songs of 1949 @ SoY – Female Solo Songs – Other Singers – Rajkumari”

  1. This is really nice compilation of some rare songs of Ms. Rajkumari. In 1950 movie “Majboor” was released. Music was given by Bulo C. Rani. A beautiful solo of Mrs. Vasini Lala was pedicurist on Ms. Nigar Sultana, “Badi Bhul Hui Teje Pyar Kiya”. This was like one song wonder. I have never heard any other song of Mrs. Lal.

  2. Yes sir i have heard smt v.lal` song when i was at junagadh during my early youth, our music friend mr. Mangal bhai was inviting us for forgotten melodies bethak wher one Beggar was attending the session and he was rendering with only tanpura making all spell bound by BADI BHOOL HUI TUJHE PYAR KIYA AND ONE NOORJEHAN SONG DOOKH DE GAYO DIL LE GAYO MOHE PAL BHAR NIND NA AAYe HAYE.. This are the golden memoirs still preserved in heart.

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