The Micro View of the Songs of 1948 @ SoY – Female Solo Songs – Lata Mangeshkar (1)

On a very rough count we may be able to list not more than 40 solo songs of Lata Mangeshkar for 1948. The numbers appear neither not very insignificant nor very impressive when compared to the number of solo songs of other female singers individually and all others put together collectively.

Let us first listen to the songs:

As a most unexpected coincidence, the first two films, in the alphabetical order, happen to be the ones for which music was composed by Anil Biswas and Khemchand Prakash. They are the two big names who will appear in the names of music directors who gave the outstanding Lata solos for 1948.

Two of the Anokha Pyar songs were filmed on Meena Kapoor’s voice, but records were cast in Lata Mangeshkar’s voice. We find several theories for such an incidence. At this stage we are not very much concerned wth those stories. We have listed here Meena Kapoor versions as well .

Ek Dil Ka Lagana Baaqi That To DIl Ko Laga Ke Dekh Liya – Anokha Pyar – Anil Biswas – Zia Sarhadi.

Meena Kapoor

Mere Liye Woh Gam-e-Inzaar Chhod Gaye – Anokha Pyar – Anil Biswas – Behjad Lakhanavi

 Meena Kapoor version

Yaad Rakhana Chand Taron Ye Suhani Raat Ko – Anokha Pyar – Anil Biswas – Zia Sarhadi

This is a two version solo. Meena Kapoor version is in a very different mood.

Jeevan Sapana Toot Gaya – Anokha Pyar – Anil Biswas – Zia Sarhadi

Mukesh’s twin version

Mere Phoolon Mein Chhipi Hai Jawani – Anokha Pyar – Anil Biswas – Behjad Lakhanavi

Ghadi Ghadi Poochcho Na Jee, Kinse Meri Preet Hai – Anokha Pyar – Anil Biswas – G S Nepali

Bhola Bhala Ri Mora Balama Na Maane – Anokha Pyar – Anil Biswas – Zia Sarhadi

Door Jaaye Re….Raah Meri Aaj Teri Raah Se – Asha – Khemchand Prakash – L Meghani

Ek Moorat Mahohar Re, Mori Akhiyan Ko Tarasaye Re – Asha – Khemchand Prakash – L Meghani

Kit Jaaye Base Ho Murari Tohe Dhoondhe Rdha Thari – Asha – Khemchand Prakash – L Meghani

Chet Chet Kar Chal Chatur Nar Tera Marag Anjana Hai – Asha – Khemchand Prakash – L Meghani

We will take up 2nd batch of Lata Mangeshkar solos of 1948 in our next post.


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3 thoughts on “The Micro View of the Songs of 1948 @ SoY – Female Solo Songs – Lata Mangeshkar (1)”

  1. These songs are so rare that even their singers might have forgotten. But compositions are worth listening. Thanks for good compilation, posting, and sharing.
    My regards,

    Neetin Vyas

    1. Indeed.
      In my own case, i started getting exposure to Hindi Film songs by getting to listen to radio sometime in 60s. By that time pre-50s songs were mostly confined to the programs which were dedicated to Bhule Bisre Geet. Such programs did provide great opportunities to listen to the pre-50s gems. However, these were still the songs which were the then popular or of those singers who were still in demand in early 60s.

      As a result, most of the songs that we curate remained unknown.

      It was only the advent of internet that almost all of the songs of that era are now available.

      Listening to them is certainly a revelation.

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