The Micro View of Best Songs of 1947 : Male Solo Songs – Mohammad Rafi

We commence our detailed journey for the year 1947 with Male Solo Songs.

As I start collecting the songs from HFGK on my scrapbook, it apparently appears that Male Solo Songs seem to have a smaller share than compared with Female Solo Songs. As I scan through the list, the need to look out for a YT link first becomes quite apparent. That not only will provide the opportunity to listen to the song, almost invariably for the first time, but also to decide how many playback singers will have to be accommodated in post to make each post of a reasonable size. Partly for that reason, I also propose to repeat songs that have been mentioned @ Memorable Songs of 1947 in this season.

I have chosen adopt the same sequence of presenting the playback singers as in the previous similar analyses, more for the sake of convenience of documentation.As far as feasible, we will also maintain classification of popular songs and Not-so-popular songs for each singer.

Solo Songs of Mohammed Rafi

Mohammad Rafi has a fairly respectable score of solo songs, a few of which easily qualify for being popular songs too. Song ‘Tohe Jaana Hansate Hansate, Hansate Hansate’(Shanti) apparently does not appear in HFGK. However, quite a few other sources have mentioned this song, so I have presented here, subject to the other sources being correct enough.

Mohammed Rafi’s Popular Songs

Jab Jab Baithe Baithe Dil Bhar Aaye Aur Lab Se Nikle Haye – Dak Bangla – Naresh Bhattacharya – D N Madhok

Duniya Mein Meri Aaj Andhera Hi Andhera – Do Bhai – S D Burman – Raja Mahendi Ali Khan

Wo Apni Yaad Dilane Ko – Jugnu – Feroz Nizami – Asghar Sarhadi

Humko Tumhara Hi Aasra Tum Hamare Ho Na Ho – Saajan – C Ramchanndra – Moti B.A

Mohammed Rafi’s other songs, which could not measure up on the same level of popularity.

Meri Aankhon Ke Taare,…Ye Phool Suhaye Haath Piya – Aapki Sewa Mein – Datta Javdekar – Mahipal

Do Din Ginati Ke Umariya Beeti Jaaye Re – Do Dil – Govind Ram – D N Madhok

Das Na Jayen Tujhko Zulfien Kaaliyan – Malika – Alla Rakkhaa Queraishi – Tanveer Naqvi

Chali Sajan Ghar Jaye, Aaj Dulhaniya Kesh Sanvare – Shaadi Se Pehle – Paigankar / Karnad – Mukhram Sharma

Prem Ki Naiyya Dol Rahi Hai – Utho Jago – Ajij Khan + Ibrahim  – ?

Jeevan Hai Anmol Musafir, Jeevan Hai Anmol – Shanti- B S Thakur – Shakeel Badayuni

Tohe Jaana Hansate Hansate, Hansate Hansate Jaana,  Rote Rote Aaya Moorakh – Shanti – B S Thakur – Shakeel Badayuni

We will take up Micro View of Solo Songs of Mukesh and Manna Dey next.


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