The Micro View of Best Songs of 1947 : Male Solo Songs – Mukesh / Manna Dey


Solo Songs of Mukesh

Numerically, in terms of not only number of solo songs but also number of films or music directors, Mukesh seems to have slack year in so far as his career take-off stage is concerned. He did have three solos in “Tohafa’, and ‘Do Dil’ each, and one in Beete Din.

Arson Pe Sitara Hai Wo – Beete Din – A Dinkar Rao

Jiya Beimaan… Bas Mein Paraye Hai, Din-Din Dhale Jawani – Do Dil – Govind Ram – D N Madhok

Pyar Jata Ke Apna Bana Ke Wo Gaye Wo Gaye – Do Dil – Govind Ram – D N Madhok

Le Matki AAja Radha Ri, Ghar Se Kisi Bahane – Do Dil – Govind Ram – D N Madhok

Kahan Tak Jafa Husnwalon Ki sahate – Tohafaa – 1947- M A Rauf (Usmania) – Saquiba Lakhanavi

Ek Aisa Geet Sunao Tan Man Mein Aag Lagao – Tohfa – M A Rauf (Usmania) – Nazir Hyderabadi

Kisne Chheda Manka Taar – Tohfa – M A Rauf (Usmania) – Shanti Arora

We will take special note of

Shri Kamal Netra Stotram – Neel Kamal – with chorus –  B Vasudev –

Solo Songs of Manna Dey

Manna Dey’s spread of number of films is relatively better. Ha has had fairly noticeable presence in Geet Govind.

Suno Suno Hey Nar Naari Yeh Katha Purani Hai Aage Badho – Sudhir Phadke – Amar Varma

Jhan Jhan Jhan Jhan Payaliya Baaje – Geet Govind – Gyan Dutt – Pt. Indra

Kadam Kadam Pe Dhokha Bhai, Samhal Ke Pano Uthana – Seedha Rasta – S K Pal – Amar Varma

The songs for which I have not been able to locate the soft links:

  • Jug Jug Ke Avtar Bhar DharatiKa Diya Utar – Part 1 & Part 2 – Geet Govind – Gyan Dutt – Pt. Indra
  • Ham Kya Jaane Teri Maaya Tujhe Koi Samajh Na Paya – Geet Govind – Gyan Dutt – Balam
  • Chhod De Likhana Lekh Vidhata, Chood De Likhana Lekh – Kaun Hamara – Bulo C Rani – Pt. Indra
  • Naina Besabari Mora Darshan Bina Maane Na – Gaon – Khemchand Prakash – D N Madhok

We will take up Solo Songs of K L Saigal and G M Durrani for the year 1947 in our next episode.


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3 thoughts on “The Micro View of Best Songs of 1947 : Male Solo Songs – Mukesh / Manna Dey”

  1. Ashok ji,

    Many Thanks for enlisting Mukesh solos of 1947. A minor typo error in last line of first para. The name of the film is “Do Dil”.

    1947, on the contrary was a very good year for Mukesh, since he started his singing and acting career in 1941. All years from 1941-46 had single digit number of his songs. In 1947 apart from the 8 solos he also had a whopping 16 duets with various singers such as Suraiyya, Hameeda Banu, Shamshad Begum, Geeta Roy, Zohrabai, Rajkumari etc.

    1. Maheshji,

      Thanks for pointing out the inadvertent typo. Have corrected it.

      When I wrote that 1947 was a ‘slack” year, my reference was to the subsequent years of 1948 and 1949, since the present series is progressing backwards chronologically. And of course, the reference is limited to solo songs only..

      His duets in 1947 are really very interesting too, but we will cover them in greater details when we will be covering the duets.

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