The Micro View of Best Songs of 1946 @ SoY – Female Solo Songs – Mohantara Talpade, Rajkumari

Solo Songs of Mohantara Talpade

Mohantara Talpade was a well-recognised playback voice in mid’40s.  Year 1946 has a very respectable number of her solo songs. She has been chosen as the playback singer by a wide range of music directors in this year, which does impart an inherent variety to her songs.

Mere Man Mein Jaga Pyar, Mera Naach Utha Sansar – Amar Raj – Feroz Nizami – Pandit Phani

Rooth Gaye Mose Manmohan Ab Sawan Ko Kya KaruN – Dharti- Bulo C Rani – Pandit Indra

Yeh Kisne Bajai Murli – Duniya Naach Uthi – Gokul – Sudhir Phadke – Qamar Jalalabadi

(Credited as Mohantara Ajnkya, with a male voice and chorus)

Aai Piya Milan Ki Bahar, KaruN PhooloN Se Apna Singaar – Kuldeep – Sushant Banerjee – Nawa Naqvi

Hawa Chale Sany Sany, Kaua Kare Kany Kany – Phoolwari – Hansraj Behl – Pandit Indra

The tune is parody of  Ghata  Ghanghor Ghor Mor Machae Shor (Taansen, 1943)

Vyakul Hai Panghat Pe Radha Bechari Sanz Bhai.. – Pujari – Hansraj Behl – Wali Sahab

Jai Ambe… Jai Chandike Kultarini – Rajputani – BulO C Rani – Pandit Indra

Solo Songs of Raajkumari

Rajkumari has a fairly respectable solo song – both quantitatively and qualitatively. There must be quite some more solo songs which either do not  get formally credited to her(because of the the inadequate authenticated information) or the songs that do not have soft – YT-links.

Tum Le Lo ….Batue Bhai – Chamakati Bijli – Vasant Kumar Nayadu – Sarswati Kumar ‘Deepak’

HFGK is silent about the singer and the lyricist

Nainan Mein Koi Chhaye KyoN, Baras Rahe Dono – Insaaf – H P Das – D N Madhok

Mere Dil Mein Koi Na aae, Hae Re – Insaaf – H P Das – D N Madhok

Duniya, GariboN Ki Duniya, Badi Hai Suhani – Insaaf – H P Das – D N Madhok

Main Sajan Ke Man Mein, MaiN Ek Chand Man Mein Chhipai Baithi Hun – Maharani Minal Devi – Saraswati Devi –

Some comments on the YT claim that song is actually by Amirbai Karnataki . Correspondingly Mere Maina Madhubaina, Tu Kahana Sajana Se Sapno Mein Aye Na ought to have been credited to Rajkumar instead of Amirbai Karanatki as is seen now @ HFGK.

Sajan Aao, Man Ki Nagariya Basao – Rupa – Pt. Govind Ram – Rammurti

PhooloN Ko Chhed Kar Cheed Kar Vaade Sada Chali Gai – Shah-e-Misar- Shanti Kumar – Rupbani

HFGK is silent about the singer.

Tan Pinjare Mein Man Ka Panchhi, Chatak-Chata Kar Bole – Toofan Queen – Chitragupta, M A – Shyam Hindi

We will take up Micro View of Solo Songs of Hamida Bano and Zeenat Begum for the year 1946 n our next episode.


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