The Micro View of Best Songs of 1946 @ SoY – Female Solo Songs – Hamida Bano, Zeenat Begum

Solo Songs of Hamida Bano

Hamida Bano is also a member of Hindi Film World’s Lahore club, who had to remain contended with an ‘also ran’ tag in her career. One can see many more of the songs to her crdit in HFGK for 1946, but YT links to all these songs have not yet been established.

Man Mora Kagaz Kora Kora, Sandesh Likh Dijo – Dharti – Bulo C Rani – Pt. Indra

Phool Kali KyoN Maari, Sajan Mori Oonchi Atari – Dharti – Bulo C Rani – Pt. Indra

Apni Duniya Mita Ke Kisaki Duniya Basa Chale – Magadhraj – Bulo C Rani – Pt. Indra

Mor Bole Ho Oonche Mewadi Paravat Par Koi Mor Bole – Rajputani – Bulo C Rani – Pt. Indra

YT uploader has credited the song to Zohrabai Ambalewali

Solo Songs of Zeenat Begum

For the year, Zeenat Begum we see her as a sole elad singer in one film, Jhumke along with a major alternative female playback singer in other films. That simply shows her important place in the Hindi film music at that time as well as the versatility of her voice.. The qualitative aspect of her siniging is well reflected in the quantitative aspect as well.

Pardesi Re Pardesi Re Kahe Chhoda Mera Des Sawan Aaya – Dr. Kotnis Ki Amar Kahani – Vasant Desai – Diwan Sharar

Dil Dard Ka Mara Bechara, Badanm Bhi Hai Mashhoor Bhi Hai – Jeewan Yatra – Vasant Desai – Diwan Sharar

Aye Raat Siyah Raat Choopi Raat Bata De – Jeewan Yatra – Vasant Desai – Diwan Sharar

Usne Dekha Maine Dekha Ab Duniya Dekhanewali Hai – Jhumke – Amar Nath –

Jhoom Rahe Jhoom Rahe Matware More Jhumake Jhum Rahe  – Jhumke – Amarnath

Bas Ik Nigah Mein Fitane Jag To Sakati HuN – Jhumke – Amarnath

Bekaar Jiye Koi, Bemaut Mare Koi – Jhumke – Amar Nath

O Bhoolanewale Bata Yaad Aa Raha KyuN – Jhumke – Amar Nath

Unki Yaad Bhula Doon Kaise, Apana Aap Mita Doon Kaise – Humke – Amarnath

Duniya Mein Bhi Nazar Kar O Aasmanwale, Aye Do Jahan Wale – Nek Pravin – Feroze Nizami – Wahid Qureshi

Sun Le Tu  Iltza meri, Sun Le Khuda Meri Dua – Nek Parwin – Feroze Azmi – Wahid Qureshi

Sune Kaun Mujhse Jubani Meri,  Bahut Dukh Bhrr Hai – Paraye Bas Mein – Niyaza Hussain

Apano Se Shikayat Hai Na GairoN Se Gila Hai – Paraye Bas Mein – Vinod

Fariyad Suno Mei Bedard Jahanwalo – Rehana – Qadir Faridi – Tufail Hoshiyarpuri

We will take up Solo Songs of Noor Jehan for the year 1946 for Micro View in our nextepisode.


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