The Micro View of Best Songs of 1946 @ SoY – Female Solo Songs – Other Singers – 4

That 1946 IS the vintage era year is corroborated by Geeta Roy (Dutt) and Lata Mangeshkar getting bracketed as ‘Other’ female singers.

Solo Songs of Geeta Roy

Several knowledgeable references have recorded Bhakta Prahlad as the maiden film for Geeta Roy as playback singer. Ironically, HFGK does not mention this in the records for both of her songs in the film.

Ab Jaani Re Pahchani Re – With Chorus – Bhakta Prahlad – Hanuman Prasad

YT records Kalyani Das as the co-singer in the song, whereas HFGK does not mention any specific singer other than the chorus, probably because Geeta Roy was given only two lines to sing in this song.

Suno Suno Binati Hamri Prabhu Ji Bhool Hui Mujhse Bhaari – Bhakta Prahlad – with Chorus- K C Varma –

In this case too, HFGK has credited the song to “Chorus’ only.

Tumhe Sajan Mane Tum Ruth Jaana – Milan – Anil Biswas – P L Santoshi

HFGK does not mention any singer.

Chhin Mein Bajegi Bansuriya Preet Bhari – Milan – Anil Biswas – P L Santoshi

HFGK does not mention any singer.

Solo Songs of Lata Mangeshkar

For the year 1946, Lata Mangeshkar appears in this list as an actor -singer, she is yet to sing as a playback singer. She is in the process of creating a small window that is to open floodgates of her dominance in the years to come.

Chidiya Bole Chun Chun Chun Mena Bole Hun Hun Hun – Jeevan Yatra –  Vasant Desai – Diwan Sharar

Pyare Bapu Tirange Ki Lelo Kasam = Sona Chandi – D C Dutt

Along with chorus there is a distinct male voice (A R Ojha, as per YT upload), but since HFGK mentions the song as a solo, I have listed it here.

Piya Ayega Gori Sudh Na Bisar – Subhadra – Vasant Desai – Pt. Sudarshan

Saawariya Oy Bansuriya Oy Bajay Gayo Re – Subhadra – Vasant Desai – Pt. Indra

Thus, ends our rather protracted micro view of solo songs of the female singers for 1946.  However, one will find several solo songs in HFGK that do not appear here. These are the songs that would essentially belong to the  singer not mentioned on the records or are the songs that dot yet have the YT links.

In our next episode I plan to sum up the Micro View of Solo Songs of Female Singers with  My Top Female Solo Songs for 1946.