The Micro View of Best Songs of 1946 @ SoY – Duets – Male-Female Duets [2]

We listened to Male-female duets of Mohammad Rafi and G M Durrani in the 1st part.

Duets of Mukesh

In these male-female duets, Mukesh can be seen in both the colors – under-the vintage era Saigal-shadow singing style and his more familiar golden-era style sinnging.

Kya Jadu Hai Tere Paas Piya, Surat Dekhi Dil Haar Diya – Chehra – with Shamshad  Begum – M A Mukhtar – Ishwar Chandra Kapoor

Main Nagan Hu, Badi Zaharili, Badi Katili – Durban – with Beenapani Mukherjee – Gulshan Sufi – Tanvir Naqvi

Lagat Nazar Tori Chhaliya More Gore Badan Ko – Gvalan – with Susheela Rani – Hansraj Behl – Pt. Indra

Ja Parwane Ja Kahi Shama Jal Rahi Hai – Rajputani – With Hamida Bano – Bulo C Rani – Pt. Indra

Duets of Chitalkar

Except for one song that Chitalkar singsa for S D Burman, all his other duets for 1946 were composed by himself.

Ek Nai Kali, Sasural Chali, Dubali Si Dulhan – Eight Days –with Meena Kapoor–  S D Burman – G S Nepali

Kanhi Yaad Kar Ke, Gali Paar Kar Ke, Chali Aana Hamare Angana – Safar – with Beenapani Mukhrjee – C Ramchandra – G S Nepali

Nazar Bachana Babuji Nazar Bachana – Safar – with Beenapani Mukhrjee – C Ramchandra – G S Nepali

Chhoti Sethani Ji Tere Firaq Mein Ham To Gaye Badnam – Safar – with Beenapani Mukhrjee – C Ramchandra – G S Nepali

Duets of Ashok Kumar

Ashok Kumar does pleasurable justce to the difficult part of these duets.

Jagamag Hai Aasman, Dagamag Hai Mere Pran, Dol Rahi Naiya Meri – Shikari – with Paro Devi – S D Burman –

This song has a twin solo too, in the voice of Ashok Kumar

Har Din Hai Naya, Har Raat Nirali Hai – Shikari – With Amirbai Karnataki – S D Burman – G S Nepali

Duets of Surendra

Surendra is usual vintage singing-self along with, one veteran and the other a relatively fresh, female singers in these two duets.

Awaz De Kahan Hai, Duniya Mera Jwan Hai -Anmol Ghadi – with Noor Jehan – Naushad Ali – Tanvir Naqvi

Teri Nazar Mein Main RahooN, Meri Nazae Mein Tu – 1857 – with Suraiya – Sajjad Hussain – Shewan Rizvi

We will  take up first part of Male-Female Duets of Other Male Singers in the next episode in this four part  Micro View of Best Songs of 1946 @ SoY – Duets.



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