The Micro View of Best Songs of 1946 @ SoY – Duets – MY Top Duet Songs

For the purpose of summing up the duets,  I have picked up the ones that I liked  on the first hearing.

So, here is the list, in no particular order:

Mohammad Rafi, Hamida BanuRukhi Sukhi Main Kha Luhgi Paas Bula Lo Mere Raja – Insaaf – H P Das – D N Madhok

I fully concur with Shri AKji’s views: Even though Rafi follows Hamida Bano, the famous voice modulation we became familiar with is present in this song.

Mohammad Rafi, Shamashad BegumYe Nayan KyuN Sharma Rahe Hai – Rasili –Hanuman Prasad – Gafil Haranyanvi

It is such a pleasure to listen to Moahammad Rafi in such a youthful voice.

Mohammad Rafi, Amirbai KaranatakiMan Ki Suni Nagariya Suhani Bani – Sona Chandi –Tufail Faruqui – Khawar JamaN

Here too I fully endorse Shri AKji’s views for the song: Amirbai Karanataki seems to overpower him with her natural high pitch over Rafi coming in lower scale. I contrasted with ‘Ansoo thi meri zindagi’ five years down the line in ‘Bikhare Moti’ (1951, Music: Ghulam Mohammad; Lyrics: Aktar Ul Imman) in which too she leads, but by then Rafi was in his full flow.

Mukesh, Hamida BanuJa Parwane Ja Kahi Shama Jal Rahi Hai – Rajputani –Bulo C Rani – Pt. Indra

Hamida Banu is in her vintage era singing elements and yet so smoothly modulates the song that song appeals the listeners from the very beginning.

Ashok Kumar, Amirbai KarnatakiHar Din Hai Naya, Har Raat Nirali Hai – Shikari – S D Burman – G S Nepali

Ashok Kumar fully matches Amirbai Karanataki through the song, even at the higher octave scales.

Surendra, Noor Jehan –  Awaz De Kahan Hai, Duniya Mera Jwan Hai -Anmol Ghadi –Naushad Ali – Tanvir Naqvi

The song is one of the very popular duet that always remained active in terms of listeners choice at all phases of public / private listening media.

Revashankar, Johrabhai AmbalewaliHamari Gali Aana Hamse Akhiya Milana – Maharana Pratap – Ram Ganguli – Swami Ramanand

A quintessential vintage composition, and yet so sweeto to listen to.

Firoz Dastoor, Amirbai KarnatakiNaino Ki Nagari Mein Aa Ke Chale Janaa Na Kar Ke Bahana – Pujari – Hansraj Behl – Wali Sahab

The song retains melody even when set to a relatively stronger bass rhythm.

A R Oza, Amirbai KarnatakiPatanga Chala Hai Dipak Ki Aur, Man Mein Le Kar Prem Ki Aasha – Pujari – Hansraj Behl – Wali Sahab

The delivery of the song has remained quite clear even though the song is seto relatively higher octave scale., and then song moves to a slower rhythm in the second stanza.

Yashvant Bhatt, Husn BanuAye Phool Bata Kaisa Hoga Mera Piyaa Sajan Pyara – Royal Mail – Narayan Rao – Mustafa N Usmani

An excellent composition, set to lower scales.

Zohrabai Ambalewali, Shamshad BegumUdan Khatole Pe Ud Jaoon, Tere Haath Na AauN – Anmol Ghadi – Naushad Ali – Tanvir Naqvi

One of the most familiar song in the category of ‘duets’ this year.

Mohantara Talpade, Hameeda BanoOonchi Haveli Bana Do Munimji, Haweli Ko Sheeshe Laga Do Muimji – Phoolwari – Hansraj Behl – Pt. Indra

The list of things to be fitted in the palace makes the song an interesting one to listen to.

S D Burman, S L PuriBaabu.. Re Dil Ko Bachana, Tere Dil Ko Bachana – Eight Days- S D Burman

During the course several articles on S D Burman for our blog, I got the opportunity to listen to this duet. That familiarity has played the role in the selection of this song here.

Of these, I would rate (Mukesh, Hamida Banu ) Ja Parwane Ja Kahi Shama Jal Rahi Hai – Rajputani –Bulo C Rani – Pt. Indra as my MOST liked Duet for 1946.

We will take up MY Top Music Directors for the year 1946 in the next episode.

P.S. : All the episodes of The Micro View of Best Songs of 1946: Duets can be read / downloaded from one file, by clicking on the hyper link.

SoY has published its concluding piece on duets of 1946 – Best songs of 1946: Wrap Up 3and adjudged,  Aawaz de kahan hai – Surendra and Noorjehan (Anmol Ghadi, Naushad), and Ek yaad kisi ki yaad rahi – GM Durrani and Shamshad Begum (Shama, Ghulam Haider)jointly as the Best Duets for 1946.