Fading Memories…. Unforgettable Songs: March 2020

S N Tripathi: Unremembered music director of remembered songs: 1961 – 1968

S N Tripathi (a.k.a. Sri Nath Tripathi) – B: 14-3-1913 / D: 28-3-1988 – though primarily concentrated on music direction, he has several films to his credits as actor, director and scriptwriter. His active career spanned over five decades, form 1930s to ‘80s. Thus, he remained witness to changes in the tastes of the public and corresponding changes in the various elements of film making. His music always remained based on blend of classical and (Rajasthani) folk music styles. In spite of sky-soaring successes of his music, many of the B grade mythological films hit the box-office collection records. However, those successes were not enough to place him in the league of big-banner A grade films. His assistants Chitragupt and Datta Davjekar went on to become music composers as well.

We have been following the career of S N Tripathi, on this platform, every March since 2017. We have covered S N Tripathi’s unremembered songs

from 1941 to 1950 in 2017,

from 1951 to 1956 in 2018, and,

from 1957 to 1960 in 2019.

Presently, we would focus on selecting the songs from the films that he also directed, during the years 1961 to 1976. Even as we have cast our net wide enough to catch as many singers as possible, the songs of Mohammad Rafi are placed together, towards the end of the post.

Chhum Chhanana Chuum Chhanana Payaliya Boli – Amrit Manthan (1961) – Asha Bhosle – Lyrics: B D Mishra

S N Tripathi has used Asha Bhosle for this fast-paced dance song.

Gham Chhodo.. Ye Sare Jamane Ka – Piya Milan Ki Aas (1961) – Mubarak Begum – Lyrics: Bharat Vyas

Set to a flowing rhythm, Mubarak Begum comes up very sweetly in the mujra song.

Sakhi Kaise Dharun Main Dheer – Sangeet Samrat Tansen (1962) – Lata Mangeshkar – Lyrics: Shailendra

The composition remains truly melodious even though set to not-so-easy style.

A good many of songs, like Jhoomti Chali Hawa (Mukesh), Sapt Suran Teen Gram (Manna Dey) Sudh Bisar Gayi Aaj fromm the film (Sangeet Samrat Tansen had successfully reached masses and were approved by critics.

Badli Badli Duniya Hai Meri – Sangeet Samrat Tansen (1962) – Mahendra Kapoor, Lata Mangeshkar – Lyrics: Shailendra

This should rank as one of the front ranking Mahendra Kapoor song, wherein Mahendra Kappor starts on a high scale, but then slips into a lower scale with humming that follows. Each stanza also begins on higher notes, signifying the tinge of pain of separation and then song reverses to a pensive romantic mood.

The video clip includes second version of the song too.

Dirna Dirna .. Tan Di Dirana .. More Naina Laage Re Laaage Kisi Se Nain – Shiv Parvati (1962)- Geeta Dutt, Asha Bhosle – Lyrics: Shailendra

S N Tripathi has used damru, the preferred music instrument of Lord Shiv, and matched the scale of base rhythm instrument Tabla, to the same sound level in this fast-paced dance song.

Piya Milan Ko Janewali, Sambhal Sambhal Ke Chal – Dev Kanya (1963) – Amirbai Karnataki – Lyrics: B D Mishra

S N Tripath has suddenly conjured up Amirbai Karantaki’s vintage voice here.

Maane Na Maane Na Mora Bichhua Bole – Maharaja Vikram (1965) – Suman Kalyanpur – Lyrics: B D Mishra

Probably, in deference to the budget limitations of such B grade mythological film, S N Tripathi has chosen Suman Kalyanpur., without compromising any bit melody of the song.

Pyar Ke Pal Chhin Bite Hue Din, Ham To Na Bhule Tum Bhule Gaye – Kunwari (1966) – Talat Mahmood – Lyrics: Shailendra

Simple reading of the lyrics may not sound bells of recognition, but the moment one listens to the song, core Talat fans will easily recall the song. The second part of the clip has a twin Lata Mangeshkar version, presented as piano – party genre song.

Chandi Ka Gol Gol Chanda – Piya Milan Ki Aas (1961) – Mohammad Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar – Lyrics: Bharat Vyas

If the song would have been filmed in a well-placed film, the song may have been far more popular then it probably became at that time.

Haay Chhal Kiya Tune Chhal Kiya – Piya Milan Ki Aas (1961) – Mohammad Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar – Lyrics: Bharat Vyas

Here is another duet, set to very signature SN Tripathi style, that does not deserve to be consigned to a forgotten song category.

Deepak Jalao Jyoti Jagao – Sangeet Samrat Tansen (1962) – Mohammad Rafi – Lyrics: Shailendra

The song comes in for a very direct compassion with one of the most iconic K L Saigal songs, Diya Jalao Jagamag Jagmag (Tansen, 1943; Music director – Khemchand Prakash)

Muhammad Shah Rangeeley Re – Nadirshah (1968) Singers-Suman Kalyanpur, Mohammad Rafi, Lyrics- Majrooh Sultanpuri

S N Tripathi creates the majesty of a dance song played in the courts of Mughal Emperor.

Knowledgeable blog writers note that the song is credited to Lata Mangeshkar and Mohammad Rafi in HFGK. As such the song must have been recorded afresh for the records.

S N Tripathi still has some more films like Lahu Pukarega (1968),  Sati Sulochana (1969), Naag Champa (1976) as director. He also continued to compose songs for films like Sati Sulochana (1969), Koi Ghulaam Nahin (1970), Shri Krishn Leela (1970), Veer Chhatrasaal (1971), Maha Shivratri (1972) , Naag Champa (1976). He remained active enough, in his mythological genre typecast till 1987, with a stray film here or there.

However, we would call here curtains to our memories of the unremembered music director of very remembered song.

We will continue remembering Unforgettable Songs that seem to Fading away from our Memories every second Sunday of the month……..

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