A Cartoonist’s Perspective of the Financial Year End

Traditionally, in India, the books of accounts would close on the close of the Vikram calendar year, typically a no-moon (night) day. Opening of the new books of accounts would be carried out with an elaborate adoration ritual. With the English rule, the limited companies started following the end of March as the financial year end, so as to synchronize reporting of their profits and loss with the Income Tax Act accounting year.

Therefore, over the years, fiscal year end on 31st March has acquired an aura of its own. People differently connected with that event have developed their own routine drills. We look at some of such representative activities from a cartoonist’s perspective.

Binay Sinha captures the mood so vividly.

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One of the first possible activities is making sure that financial targets are met – the gods, too, included.

Obviously, those connected with the operations also have to brace up for meeting targets –

By Aishwarya Krishnan

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One major activity is ensuring that budgets are used up, so that the allocations for the next period can be maintained.

by fedzcomic

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Last minute tax saving investments have a risk of end up going into unsuitable avenues. Preeti Motiani does advise to avoid taking a last minute calls.

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Frank and Ernest represent people who seem to realize that trying to meet the end meet when you reach one end, essentially, works out to be a futile exercise. The efforts better be judiciously spread all round.

Frank and Ernest by Bob Thaves Tom Thaves (2007-10-26) Image #19154

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Be it budget numbers or the results number, there is never a dearth of people who doubt the accuracy of the numbers. Trust Dilbert to have The solution!

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There would, perhaps, be universal agreement that the financial numbers make quite dreaded reading.

By Andy Anderson

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Do not be surprised if you listen to these types of dialogues around you –

One solution is this –

But when all efforts to make the numbers present a decent enough picture, one tends to lean to the option of ‘creative accounting. Well, if you do not know the how to, there are classes being run to train you up!

By Marty Bucella

One performance indicator presents this picture –

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Before we go back to the our share of tasks for the March-end, here are two differing views-


From the people of world of accounts

Created by psayer

And the all the rest of us –

Created by Zach2602825

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What have you to say?

Oh, too busy with March-end now!!

OK, would not then bother you with that.

But, do take to time to share your viewpoint, preferably from a cartoonist’s point of view…whether you have been enjoying your toil for the March-end pile pf activities or, would like to laugh off the stress……

Thanks, till then.