The Micro View of Best Songs of 1945 @ SoY :: Setting The Stage

The backward journey of Best Songs for TheYear @ SoY has now reached the 10th milepost. The journey commenced from the known territory of first five (actually , four) years of  what is known as the golden era, paased through transition years of golden era nd vintage era and has now reached in the tick of the vintage era. We have been able to add much more to our radio-listening music knowledge at each of these milestones – @ 1955, 1953, 1951, 1950, 1949  1948,  1947 and 1946. We now move on the next milestone ‘Best songs of 1945: And the winners are?

We first recapitulate the key points of the SoY overview article:

Musical landmarks:

Noorjehan starrers BadiMa, Village Girl and Zeenat; K L Saigal’s Kurukshera and Tadbeer (even when composed by relatively unknown today composers, Ganpat Rao and Lal Mohammad, respectively)  hardly require much efforts to recall for the generation that has grown up listening to radio only.

Other important musical compositions

Dil Jalta Hai To Jalne De – Pahli Nazar – Mukesh – Anil Biswas

Debut, fact file and trivia

     Lata Mangeshkar – as an actor and singer, in Badi Ma.     

     Mohammad Rafi – on screen, in Tera Jalwa Jisne Dekha (Laila Majnu)

Talat Mahmmood – first Hindi film song – Jago Musafir Jago (Raj Laxmi).His first film as actor on Hindi screen.

As directors, Bimal Roy – Hamrahi, K Asif – Phool

As lyricist, Moti B.A.- Kaise Kahun

The first all-feamle quawwaliAhe Na Bhari Sikawe Na Kiye (Zeenat)

1945 had 74 films, and around 670 songs. Of these songs, singers for more than 300 songs remain unidentified.  Of these, List Of Memorable Songs has 60 songs. When more than 300 songs have unidentified in a year, form a total of around 670 song, this number commands respect. Of the songs listed here, around 30% songs belong to Male Solo songs, of which roughly one third are the solo songs of (so-called) vintage era male singers. Around 40 % songs belong to Female Solo Songs category. Barring a couple of exceptions, all songs belong to only vintage era singers. Rest of the songs are duets, of which duets where at least on singer – which under the present circumstances would a male singer only – is only a third of the duets. These songs have been separated listed as Memorable Songs of 1945, with corresponding YT link to the song.

Many songs in the list may not refresh into memory by only reading the initial lyrics but listening to these songs during our Micro View should an interesting affair. It should also be certainly interesting to explore songs listed on HFGK on YT during Micro View. We should also be seeing if Micro view does make any significant change in the distribution pattern narrated here above..

For the year under review, Special songs are expected to be expanded as we discover more such songs on the detailed listening of songs in other categories. . In this case too, I have brought these songs on the same page with Memorable Songs of 1945.

It should also interesting to see if we can find any songs on YT that have not been tagged to any specific singers (in HFGK records). If so found, we will list them as separate category during the Micro Review.

The stage is now set to commence our journey into the Micro View of the Songs of 1945. For the year, we will list all available songs on YT for the singers already identified. I propose to add a section of the songs for which singers are not identified, but on the condition that the first listening of the song induces you to repeat listening. We will then combine our impressions of these songs with that we already have for the well-known ones to present our point of view in so far as

MY TOP Male Solo Songs

MY TOP Female Solo Songs

MY TOP Duets

MY TOP Songs of Unknown Singers

MY TOP music director

                               are concerned for the year 1945.

All the posts that will appear on this subject here have been tagged as Songs of 1945.