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The Micro View of Best Songs of 1945 @ SoY :: Male Solo Songs – MY Top Male Solo Songs

For the year 1945, three male singers, who can be considered to be belonging  to  the Golden Era, and 10 male singers, who can be considered to be belonging to Vintage Era, had only one song each of the songs, Jagmohan’s O Varsha Ke Pahale Badal (Meghdoot, music – Kamal Dasgupta) is very well known. Similarly, Mohammad Rafi’s Aye Dil Nakaam Tamanna, Ab Jeene Ki Tamanna Chhod De ( Hamara Sansar – Music: Pt. Govind Ram) , Mukesh’s Dil Jalata Hai To Jalne De (Paheli Nazar – Music: Anil Biswas)  and K L Saigal’s Janam Janam Ka Dukhiya Prani, Aaya Sharan Tihari (Tadbir – Music: Lal Muhammad( also are also always known. Therefore, they are being the automatic choice ‘for being liked’ I have not included them in the discussion here. In other words, I have attempted to choose  My Top Male Solo Songs from the ones that I have either very rarely heard before or have heard them for the first time in the present Micro Analysis of Songs of 1945.

So, here are My Top Male Solo Songs for the year 1945, in no particular order:

Mohammad Rafi – Bahut Mukhtasar Hai Hamari Kahani – Sharabati Aankhen – Firoz Nizami – Tanveer Naqvi

The song is essentially a vintage era style composition, wherein Mohammad Rafi also sings in vintage era style. However, the emerging ‘Golden Era’ Rafi can also be felt by Golden Era listeners like me.

Mukesh – Haseeno Ko Haseeno Se Muhabbat Ho Hi Jaati Hai – Moorti – Bulo C Rani – Pt. Indra

It is pleasing to get to listen ‘Golden Era’ Mukesh in a vintage era styled song, even without the Saigal -shadow effect.

Ashok Kumar – Aankhein To Hui Band, Magar Dard Jaga Re – Begum –H P Das – G S Nepali

Ashok Kumar can be heard to be singing in a markedly different style then what I am used to hearing in his songs of that period.

G M Durrani – Falak Ke Chand Ka Hamne Jawab Dekh Liya – Ek Din Ka Sultan – Shanti Kumar – Wali Sahab

The song gives the feel of a Golden Era, particularly early 50s, romantic mood song.

Sundar, Chorus – Muddat Ke Bad Aye Ho, Kahan Kaise Mijaj Hai – Zid –G A Chisti – Shanti Swaroop Mathur

An all-out ventage era styled composition that distinctly conveys the light mood, which makes it so pleasant to listen to.

K L Saigal – Tu Aa Gayi…..Dil Ki Tamanna Jag Uthi – Kurukshetra – Pt. Ganpat Rao – Jhamil Majhhari

A copy book Saigal song that comes up with a refreshing composition and orchestration.

My choice for MY THE Top Male Solo Song for 1945 is Haseeno Ko Haseeno Se Muhabbat Ho Hi Jaati Hai (Mukesh – Moorti – Bulo C Rani)

SoY has conferred  Mukesh, for Dil Jalata Hai To Jalne De (Paheli Nazar – Music: Anil Biswas)  as the Best Male Singer for 1945 in the Wrap up-I.

We will take Micro Analysis of Female Solo Songs of 1945 in thee next few episodes.

P.S. All the episodes of The Songs of 1945 – Male solo songs can be read / downloaded from one file, by clicking on the hyper link.


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Dear Ashokji,

As you may be knowing, the words of that song O VARSHA KE PEHLE BADAL was written by Bengali speaking Urdu Lyricist FAIYAAZ HASHMI. Hashmi was fluent in Sanskrit too and it is said that he read Kalidas’ MEGHDOOT in Sanskrit before writing this song. It is sad that both the Song writer and the Music Director of this song migrated out of India – Faiyaaz Hashmi to Pakistan (he was already posted in Lahore at the time of partition and he chose to remain on, although he hailed from Calcutta) and Kamal Dasgupta to then East Pakistan.

With warm regards


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