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Songs of 1945 @ SoY :: Female Solo Songs – MY Top Female Solo Songs

I have not any rational back up analysis for selecting one solo song for a given female singers for the year 1945, since al most all the songs I got to listen for the first time during the present Micro Review. As such, the song that appealed me most is the one that is presented her.

So, here are the songs that would call for TOP slot from the emale solo songs for 1945, in the orderin which the singer has appeared in the detailed Micro View earlier.:

Suraiya – Suno More Raja Najariya Milay Ke Bada Dukh Doge Naino Se Door Jayake – Main Kya KaruN – Ninu Mazumdar – D N Madhok

Shamshad Begum – Mere Preetam ki Paati Aai, Anand Se Bhool Gai Main – Hamara Sansar – Pt. Govind Ram – Ramesh Gupta

Amirbai Karnataki – More Balamwa More Sajanwa – Preet – Bulo C Rani – D N Madhok

Zohrabai Ambalewali – Uth Soye Hue Husn Mujhe Ishq Jagaye – Ragni – Pt. Amarnath –

Rajkumari – Unhein Yaad Aaye….Guzara Jamana – Naseeb – Pt. Govind Ram – Ishwar Chandra Kapoor

Hamida Banu – Saawan Aaya Saajan Nahi Aaya Re Daiya-Daiya – Moorti – Bulo C Rani – Pt. Indra

Zeenat Begum – Aankh Mila Ke Koi Re Apana Bane Koi Re– Dhamki – Pt. Amarnath – D N Madhok

Noor Jehan – Aa Intezar Hai Tera, Dil Beqarar Hai Mera – Badi Maa – Datta Koregaonkar -Zia Sarhadi

Khursheed – Nadi Kinare Saanjh Sakare, Milate Rahiyo Pardesi – Prabhu Ka Ghar – Khemchand Prakash – Pt. Indra

Kanan Devi – Main Sharmayi Kyun Sharmayi Jab Paas The Wah Main Door Rahi – Raj Laxmi – Dhiren Mitra – Suresh Chaudhari

Naseem Akhtar – Unka Ishara Jaan Se Pyara, De Gaya Mere Dil Ko Sahara – Paheli Nazar – Anil Biswas – Dr. Safdar ‘Aah’

Munnavar Sultana – BekasoN Ki Bebasi Ko Dekhta Koi Nahi – Albeli – G A CHisti

Praul Ghosh – Bhool Gaye Bhool Gaye Tum Pyas Bujhana Bhul Gaye – Pratima – Arun Kumar – Narendra Sharma

Snehprabaha Pradhan – Mori Galiyo Ki Pipal Nishani – Preet – Bulo C Rani – D N Madhok

Binita Bose – Jigar Ke Daag Naye Gul Khilate Jaate Hai – Humrahi – R C Boral – Munshi Zakir Hussain

Shanta Patel – Mast Jawani Aayee, Ayee Anagadai To Main sharamayee – Ji Haab – Shreenath Tripathi – Pt. Indra

Begum Akhtar – Main Raja Ke Apne Riza Ke Rahungi – Panna Dai – Gyan Dutt – D N Madhok

Nirmala Devi – Ga Ga Re Manwa Gaa, Geet Khushi Ke Gaa – Piya Mialn – Firoz Nizami B A -M Naseem

SoY has concluded Best songs of 1945: Wrap Up 2 to adjudge Noorjehan – for her Baithi hun teri yaad ka leker ke sahara (Village Girl – Shyam Sundar – Wali Shab) – as the best singer. Amirbai Karnataki is honoured as a Distinguished Female singer of 1945.

All the episodes of The Songs of 1945 – Female solo songs can be read / downloaded from one file, by clicking on the hyper link.

We will take up Micro View of Duets for the Year 1945 in the next episode.


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