Songs of 1945 @ SoY :: Duets – Duets (+) of Golden Era (Male +) Singers

We now take up the third leg of Duets for the Micro View of Best Songs for the Year 1945, in the format set forth by ‘Best songs of 1945: And the winners are?’.

The trend at Memorable Songs of 1945 had indicate that number of duets for the year 1945 should be limited as far as number of songs are concerned. As such, we have grouped grouped Micro View of Duets for the year 1945 in three categories, rather then following our heretofore classification of MF Duets, MM. FF Duets and Triads, Triads+

  • Duets (+) of Golden Era (Male+) Singers
  • Duets (+) of Vintage Era (male+ ) Singers, and
  • Female- Female Duets (+)

Duets (+) of Golden Era (Male +) Singers

The songs covered here have a Golden Era Male Playback Singer as one of the singers- the other singer(s) can be either vintage era female singers – since all Golden Era Female Playback Singers have entered the arena post-1947) only- or Male-Female singers in a Triad, Triad+. Included herein are also MM duets Nd Duet +, i.e, Triads and Triads + songs.

For the sake of convenience of documentation, the Male Singer name is credited first. Also, the songs have been grouped male singer-wise.

Mohammad Rafi, MohanataraDil Diye Chal, Dil Liye Chal, Ham Jiye Aise – Begum –H P Das – G S Nepali

Mohamamd Rafi, G M DurraniAji Dil Ho Kaabu Mein – Village Girl – Shyam Sundar – Wali Sahab

Mohammad Rafi, Zohrabai, Shamshad BegumChhoti Si Ek Banayenge Naiya – Hamara Sansar – Pt. Govind Ram – Ramesh Gupta

Mohammad Rafi, Amirbai KaranatakiTopiwale Babu Ne Dil Chheena Re, Mora Man Chheena– Kul Kalank – Alla Rakha – Roopbani

Manna Dey, Amirbai KaranatakiYe Rang Birangi Dor Hai…  – Mazdoor – H P Das – G S Nepali

Manna Dey, RajkumariHai Gagan Mein Badal Thahare Hue – Vikramiditya – Shanar Rao Vyas – Ramesh Gupta

Mukesh, Khursheed, Hamida BanoBadariya Baras Gayi Us Paar, Liye Khadi Hai Preet Gagariya – Moorti – Bulo C Rani – Pt. Indra

Mukesh, Naseem AkhtarPaheli Nazar Ka Teer Re Laga, ….- Paheli Nazar – Anil Biswas – Dr. Safdar ‘Aah’

Mukesh, Naseem Akhtar – Jawani Ye Bharpoor Dilkash Adayein, BataoON TumhI Kaise Dil Ko BachayeIn – Paheli Nazar – Anil Biswas – Dr. Safdar ‘Aah’

Mukesh, Mohantara TalpadePardesi Dhola, Kahe Ko Jagai Saari Raat Re – Prabhu Ka Ghar – Khemchand Prakash / Bulo C Rani – Pt. Indra

We will take up Duets (+) of Vintage Era (male+) Singers for the year 1945 in our next episode.



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