Songs of 1945 @ SoY :: Duets – Female – Female Duets (+)

Female- Female Duets present an opportunity to listen to many of the voices that we listed to in the female solo songs, with a different perspective of – in terms of the subjects as well as style of singing these types of songs.

Barring an exception, I have picked up only those FF songs for which HFGK has identified the singers.

Minaxi, Lata Mangeshkar, chorus – Janani Janmabhoomi…Tum MaaN Ho Badi MaaN Ho – Badi Maa – Datta Koregaonkar – Anjum Panipati

Unidentified female voicesBegum Janiya Ki God Bhari, Hamari Lado Rani   – Bhaijaan – Shyam Sundar – Padtau Lakhnavi

Zeenat Begum   Munnavar Sultana – Doriye Ki Odhani Maim Mal Mal DhouNgi – Champa – –Lachhiram

Amirbai Karanataki + Zoharabai Amabalewali – Piya Ki BasuriyaHui Kaleje Paar – Chhamia – Gyan Dutt – Pt. Indra / Qabil Amrutsari

Naseem + Ratan Bai – Chali Pawan…. – Dharma – Sajjad Hussain

Zoharabai Ambalewali + Naseem Akhtar + Shamshad Begum + Chorus – Holi Ka Tyauhar, Aaj Rang Holi Ka – Hamara Sansar – Govind Ram – Ramesh Gupta

Shamshad Begum + Rajkumari – Naina Bhar Aaye Neer, Mere Hatheele Raja – Humayun – Ghulam Haider – Anjum Pilibhiti + Kavi Shanti

Suraiya + Hameeda Bano – Bachpan Gaya Jawani Ayee, Dil Mein Kisi ne Li Angadai – Main Kya Karoon  – Neenu Mazumdar – D N Madhok

Suraiya + Hameeda Bano – Aaj Hans Hans Ke Do Do Baatein Ki Hai Sanam Ne Hamare – Main Kya Karoon – Neenu Mazumdar – D N Madhok

This song has a sad solo version by Suraiya.

Rajkumari + Hameeda Bano – May GulguN Hai Jawani Hai, Aur Rut Bh- Suhani Hai – Main Kya Karoon – Neenu Mazumdar – D N Madhok

Zohrabai Ambalewali + Shamshad Begum – RatiyaN GujaruN Kaise Hay Ram – Ratanavali – Govind Ram – Ram Murti Chaturvedi

HFGK mentions only the female singers but the song has a male voice, that of Surendra, in the song

Kalyani + Zohrabai Ambalewali + Noot Jehan – Aahein Na Bhari Shikawe Na Kiye – Zeenat – Hafiz Khan – Nakshab Zarachvi

We will take up Summing Up of Duets for 1945 in the form of MY Top Duets, in the next episode.



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3 thoughts on “Songs of 1945 @ SoY :: Duets – Female – Female Duets (+)”

  1. Ashokji,
    From this list my top favourites are, not in order:
    1. Naina bhar aye neer
    2. Aaj hans Hans ke do do baatein ki hain sanam ne hamare
    3. Ratiyan guzaarun kaise haye nindiya na aave
    4. Aahein na bharin shikwe na kiye.

    I hope to find them in your final list.


    1. I have been deliberately avoiding putting the songs previously known to me in MY TOP songs. That is to make me pay for more attention to listen to the songs I have listened first time, and trying to imbibe their nuances.

      Therefore, my formal list will not have my choice on the lines that you have indicated here.

      I f I would have retained the selection pattern that I have been following for the years 1949 and up, my list would have mirrored yours.

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