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The Micro View of Best Songs of 1944 @ SoY : Setting the stage

The backward journey of Best Songs for TheYear @ SoY ssemed to end at the 10th milepost of 1945, having mesmerizingly passed through 1955, 1953, 1951, 1950, 1949  19481947 and 1946 on the way. However, as it happens in the life, as you seem to reach one destination, journey to the next destination unfolds. In the case of Best songs of year too, the second phase of the journey has opens up with a series that takes up the previous series further backwards, beginning with year 1944 with Best songs of 1944: And the winners are?

As such, The Micro View of the Best Songs for the Year also joins this journey of more uknown than knowns.

We first recapitulate the key points of the SoY overview article:

Musical landmarks:

Rattan was a jewel in the crown of Naushad.

KL Saigal had two films in the year: Bhanwra (music Khemchnad Prakash) and My Sister (music Pankaj Mullick).

Noor Jehan’s songs in Lal Haveli (Mir Saheb) and Dost (Sajjad Hussain) achieved great acclaim.

Other important musical compositions

Many other films in the year had great songs, such as Man Ki Jeet (SK Pal), Pahle Aap (Naushad), Chaand (Husnlal-Bhagatram) and Jwar Bhata (Anil Biswas).

Debut, fact file and trivia

Mukesh– Us Paar

Dilip Kumar (Yusuf Khan) – Jwar Bhata

Shyam and Sitara Kanpuri – Man Ki Jeet

Sushila Rani Patel – Draupadi

Husnlal-Bhagatram – Chaand

The famous tabala-palyer, Alla Rakha, who later also used name A R Qureshi for film music, gave music for Ghar Ki Shobha in which he also sang some songs. Snehal Bhatkar, later year music director in a number of films, sang under the baton of Anil Biswas in Lady Doctor. Anil Biswas himself sang a very nice Holi chorus song in Jwar Bhata, composed by him. Many other music directors, too, sung playback in the year, such as Vasant Desai, Bulo C Rani and C Ramchandra (under other music directors too). The lyricist Bharat Vyas sung some superb songs in the year.

Chal Chal Re Naujawan was the first film made by the newly established production house Filmistan, led by Ashok Kumar and S Mukherjee, an offshoot from Bombay Talkies.

In the film Panna, Shamshad Begum had sang the songs, but HMV records were issued in the voice of Rajkumari, as Shamshad Begum was contracted to Xenophone Records.

Bhartrihari became the last film of Jahanara Kajjan in Bombay and she sang her last two songs. After this film she migrated to Pakistan.

Bhool jana chaahti hun bhool paati hi nahin (Jwar Bhata) has a solo version and a duet version.

Pradeep wrote lyrics in the name of his daughter Miss Kamal for the film Kadambari (made by Lakshmi Productions) because of his contract with Bombay Talkies.

Baby Meena (Meena Kumari) played the role of the child Noorjehan in Lal Haveli.

If you compare Naushad in 1944 with Anil Biswas in 1943 (Kismet, Hamaari Baat) and in earlier years (Roti, Basant, Bahen, Aurat, Alibaba, Hum Tum Aur Wo, Gramophone Singer and Jagirdar), one may consider 1944 as the year in which Naushad has started gaining ground vis-à-vis Anil Bishwas.

In short, 1944 is a kind of watershed year.

1944 had 85 films from which 769 titles of songs are known. Of these songs, singers for more than 354 songs remain unidentified.  Of the 415 songs for which singers are identified, 65 songs are male solos, 240 female solos and 110 duets. We will have to wait for the detailed micro view to see how many of the uncovered songs are available on YT or in audio form.

Of these, List Of Memorable Songs has 80 songs. These songs have been separately listed as Memorable Songs of 1944, with corresponding YT link to the song.

For the year under review, Special songs are indeed special as the list contains songs sung by music directors and the lyricist in addition to Mohammad Rafi’s duet with Shyam Kumar and a Johrabai Ambalewali gem. I have brought these songs on the same page with Memorable Songs of 1944.

The stage is now set to commence our journey into the Micro View of the Songs of 1944. I plan to take up only those songs here which are not covered under Memorable Songs of 1944 and Special Songs of 1944.

MY TOP Male Solo Songs
MY TOP Female Solo Songs
MY TOP Duets

MY TOP music director

are concerned for the year 1944. 

All the posts that will appear on this subject here have been tagged as Songs of 1944.