Carnival of Quality Management Articles and Blogs – August 2021

Welcome to August 2021 edition of the IXth volume of Carnival of Quality Management Articles and Blogs.

We recapitulate that the 2021 theme for the IXth volume of our Carnival of Quality Management Articles and Blogs is Future of… as the basis for Creating and Maintaining Sustained Success.

Our topic for the discussion for the month is – The Future of Quality – Management – Profession.

Past is rear-view of the driving a vehicle, present the dashboard and future is the windshield. For safe and effective driving all the three views have their own role to play.

The paper, Quality: past, present and future, published by Chartered Quality Institute (CQI), essentially, addresses the concepts and approaches the way the quality profession worked and that have inspired its thinking, as well the trends that can be observed currently to look at the future where man and technology can work together. The focus of quality is set to expand to include quality of life, which is best reflected in what Edward de Bono said, “the quality of our thinking will determine the quality of our future”.

The concept of “quality” has evolved to mean far more than the integrity of a manufactured product. Quality now represents a philosophy, a system of methodologies and practices, and an ongoing commitment to business excellence that encompasses all issues – and engages all individuals – within an organization…..The challenge for quality managers moving into the future is largely about allowing for change in a field that relies on constants. While so much attention today is paid to the bottom line, quality has a profound impact on the top line as well –remaining fluid to recognize, respond to and anticipate customer wants and needs to drive satisfaction and loyalty – a focus that grounds the future firmly in the concepts taught by the original quality leaders over 60 years ago.[1]

The five research themes of the Quality 2030 agenda together with the positive core of QM[2]
The focus of quality will have to shift from the quality tools to the overall business success…. to lead organizational change from the macro level…with the help of business models free of foreseeable risk and committed to business excellence at all levels.[3]

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We have taken up one article from Jim L. Smith’s Jim’s Gems this month

  • The Career Path to Success May Not be Linear – Our mental models for how we comprehend the world of business matter shape how we think and what is possible. However, the vertical corporate ladder is becoming an artifact, as the world and how we work continues to evolve…The book, “The Corporate Lattice: Achieving High Performance in the Changing World of Work,” by Cathy Benko and Molly Anderson. authors outline the changing world of work and introduces what they called the corporate lattice. Unlike the linear ladder, the multi-dimensional lattice is more adaptive and replaces the vertical, one-directional model with one that can be described as a “zig zag” or multi-directional career path….The enlightened (lattice) organizations support rewarding professional experiences, providing better career-life fit for employees, and results in greater agility….While it may not necessarily be immediately financially rewarding, employees, and not just those viewed as high potential, gain experience and position themselves to move up when the opportunity presents itself.

‘From the Editor’ (of Quality Magazine) – by Darryl Sealand, we have Ego or Progress? –  The three American billionaires’ trips into the outer space have been frequently dubbed nothing more than the competition between, and placation of, the massive egos of these three billionaires… However, over a longer time span and a broader perspective, the idea of technology that starts out benefitting one industry or sector and finding its way to being useful in another is not uncommon, and not uncommon to the quality sector.

I look forward to your views / comments / inputs to further enrich the theme of Future of… as the basis for Creating and Maintaining Sustained Success.

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[1] Quality Management: Then, Now and Toward the Future

[2] Quality 2030: quality management for the future

[3] The Future of Quality Management is Business Management by Tom Taormina