The Micro View of Songs of 1943 – Female Solo Songs – Amirbai Karnataki

Having completed the Male Solo Songs section of Songs of 1943 of the Best songs of 1943: And the winners are? we now move over to the Female Solo Songs.

As has been observed, the year 1943 has around 256 female solo songs for which the HFGK has been able to identify the singers. There can be a few more female songs available on YT too.

We have not repeated here the songs that have been covered in the Memorable Songs of 1943.

Solo songs of Amirbai Karnataki

Memorable Songs of 1943 has 8 solo songs of Amirbai Karnataki, of which 4 belong to ‘Kismet’  and two have Minaxi as the singer and one has Ratan Piya as the singer on th records. Here we have the songs credited to Amirbai Karnataki in HFGK and which are available on YT, except around 6/7 songs that could not traced on YT.

Hum Tumse Maangate HaiN, AahoN Ke Badale Aahein – Bansari – D N Madhok / Pt. Indra (?) – Gyan Dutt

YuN Dekhoge Agar Lag Jaaayegi Najar, O Baanke Nayanawale – Khanjarwali – Afzal – Afzal

Tore Man Mein Basoongi Ho Sajana, Tum Chanda Bano Main Chandani – Prem Sangeet – Bharat Vyas – S K Pal

Man Re Mat Ro, Mat Ro, Kaise Tujhe ManauN – Prem Sangeet – Bharat Vyas – S K Pal

KyoN Tumne Daraya, Peechhe Peechhe Prem Tu KyuN – Prem Sangeet – Bharat Vyas – S K Pal

Jeevan Ka Jug Aaya… Dekh Dekh Kar Man Lalchaya – Prithvi Vallabh – Pt. Sudarshan – Rafiq Ghazanvi

Hawa Ne Kya Baandha Hai Rang, Dekho Iski Chaal Niraali – – Prithvi Vallabh – Pt. Sudarshan – Rafiq Ghazanvi

Bholi Bhaali Ko LalachaI Re MaiN, Kaise KahuN – Shankar Pravati – Pt. Indra – Gyan Dutt

Kinko Dhundhat Nain Sakhi Ri, Kaun Tera Chitchor – Shankar Parvati – Pt. Indra – Gyan Dutt