Carnival of Blogs on Golden Era of Hindi Film Music – Volume XI – March 2023 Edition

Welcome to March 2023 edition of XIth Volume of Carnival of Blogs on Golden Era of Hindi Film Music.

Songs of Yore presents the festival of colors, Holi, with Kleptomania in Bollywood.

Sampada Sharama has a pointed question: Hindi cinema can’t seem to separate Holi from harassment, is it too much to seek consent? – Hindi cinema has been trying to make its case for normalising harassment on Holi acceptable for decades, and no one’s calling them out.

Presently we move on to our section on tributes and celebrations for the month –

Mausam Aaya Hai Rangeen – Rememberng Sulochana Kadam on her 90th birthday.

How OP Nayyar was one of the original disruptors of Hindi film musicAjay Mankotia – ‘Almost all Hindi film songs have beat patterns which are straight and regular. But OP Nayyar had other ideas.’…. the revolution OP Nayyar wrought was bringing on board both the Western and Indian beats to songs. This dual usage gave the song a hitherto unknown texture. One example – ‘Balma Khuli Hawa Mein’ (Kashmir Ki Kali, 1964).

Bollywood Odyssey – The Singing Taxman’s Journey into Film Music, Ajay Mankotia, Readomania

A millennial watches Chashme Buddoor: Farooq Sheikh’s rom-com reminds you of simpler times, but hasn’t aged wellArushi Jain  – Chashme Buddoor can be watched for its well-meaning performances, not just from Farooq and Deepti, but from every actor and well-intended script.

Continuing the series, the year-wise review of Lata Mangeshkar’s career, on Lata Mangeshkar, Mehfil Mein Teri revisits 1957 – Lata Mangeshkar on the occasion of festivals of Gudi Padwa | Ugadi | Pongal.

March 2023 episode of VIIIth volume of Fading Memories, Unforgettable Songs takes up Ghulam Mohammed and His Singers: 1953. Till now we have covered Ghulam Mohammed’s songs for the year

1943 to 1949 in 2021, and

1950-1952 in 2022.

Shailendra Sharma @ Golden Era of Bollywood has not posted the memorial tribute posts for the month till the writing for the present post.:

We now move on to posts on other subjects –

The Bewitching Artistry of Raat Bhi Hai Kuch Bheegi Bheegi -The intoxicating dance in tune with the rustic, enthralling music of Raat bhi hai kuch bheegi bheegi has a hypnotic effect on Shirish Waghmode.  The song leaves you bewitched and besotted. The white-attired beauty named Waheeda glides across the mirrored floor like a swan, glamorously preening and parading her skills. The music of Jaidev is as rustic and mellifluous as a folk melody can be. Sahir plays with the words, which act like silver anklets, to add rhythm to his lyrics.

Bhabhi Songs Part 2: With the Nanadthe first part was Bhabhi songs with Devar

Ballads of Love: Ecstacy – D P Rangan comes with an objectively exhaustive article on one of the most common themes of Bollywood songs.

र and ल in Hindi Film Music – Many indigenous (or देशज) words replace the consonant ल with र. – for example: song where र has been used instead of ल:- Gaya Andhera Hua Ujala

song with lallation: Munna Bada Pyara

song with trilling र : Ek Baat Suni Hai Chachaji Batlaanewaali HaiNaram Garam (1981)

Ten of my favourite spooky songs, duly presenting a smoke-covered a ghostly figure (invariably female), wandering about in the night and singing a signature spooky song.

My Favourites: Comic Songs are the Hindi films songs that make you smile widely, sometimes even laugh out loudand Kishore Kumar’s Comic Songs where the singer’s vocal calisthenics complement the actor’s clowning.

The Only song that… lists very unusual songs, like The only song that Geeta Dutt & Suraiyaa sang together  – Preet Ka Naata Jodnewaale – Afsar (1950) – Pt.Narendra Sharma – S.D.Burman

From Bollywood Rewind – Sampada Sharma – Indian Express’s weekly column:

In continuation to our tradition of ending the post with a few songs of Mohammad Rafi, for the year, it is planned to recall the first duet Mohamad Rafi and Geeta Dutt had with a music director.

Chahe Qismat Humko Rulaaye – Neelam Pari (1952) – Lyrics: Hasrat Jaipuri- Music: Khursheed Anwar

Jeevan Kya Hai Dhalta Suraj – Dana Pani (1953) – Lyrics: Kaif Irfani – Music: Mohan Junior

Sun Sun Sun Sun Zaalima Pyar Humko Tumse Ho Gaya – Aar Paar (1954) – Lyrics: Majrooh Sultanpuri – Music: O P Nayyar

Ek Ladka Ek Ladki, Ek Ladka Ghar Se Nikal Gaya – Khushboo (1954) – Lyrics: G S Nepali – Music: Shankar Lal

I look forward to your inputs to enrich the contents of Carnival of Blogs on Golden Era of Hindi Film Music.

Disclaimer: This monthly series of posts is my best-effort-based compilation of posts on Hindi film songs that I normally visit regularly. As I record my sincere thanks to all the original creators of these posts, any other posts that I have nor covered herein shows my lack of awareness of existence of such posts and is by no means any disrespect to their work. The copyrights to the posts, images and video clips remain the properties of the original creators.