The Half Story – this colourful artists’ village hides a dark story

In the heart of Puri, Odisha lies a blooming cultural paradise. Raghurajpur – the heritage arts & crafts village – where every villager is an artist and every home is an artist’s studio. But their colourful lives have some dull moments. And we can help complete their #Half Story.

To find out how we can help, we need to visit Do Right, an initiative by TATA Capital Ltd.
“The essence of brand Tata Capital is encapsulated in the proposition – ‘we only do what’s right for you’. The Do Right initiative has been created to inspire people to ‘do right’ and provide platforms to enable people to do right.”
What is Half Stories?
Half StoriesIn places you may never have been to lie Half Stories of people you may never have heard about. Real stories of obstacles, sacrifices and challenges. Stories that need your help for them to have a better ending. Half Stories: The Journey of Doing Right is an effort to find these untold stories.

Whether it’s by donating or by sharing, re-posting, and forwarding. Or by getting involved, inspired or just staying connected. Each one of us can lend full support to complete these Half Stories.

Follow the journey of Doing Right with Half Stories to identify unique stories of courage, perseverance and determination from some of the remotest parts of the country.  These heart-warming Half Stories can be seen as we travel from Dharamsala to Guwahati, to find and do right by giving them the ending they deserve!

All you have to do is share!

We do not necessarily have to see these Half Stories from the point of giving a helping had only. Please do recall a previous post – Disappearing Trades: Portraits of India’s Obsolete Professions – LightBox

Well, it is not only about survival of these ancient and traditional professions as a form of art.

It is also not helping these individuals to torch the path of micro-entrepreneurship.

It is giving meaning to The Life in a manner that is sustainable, that helps in fostering and sustaining an socioeconomic ecosystem autogenously. It is making a human being  take over control over his / her destiny in his / her hands, rather than being a parasite on the surrounding.