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The Micro View of Best Songs of 1946 @ SoY – Female Solo Songs – Other Singers – 3

The part 1 and Part 2 of the Solo Songs of Other Female Singers for the year 1946 had captured the singers who are visible mostly in one or two films only.

The following set of solo songs is the penultimate tranche of female solo songs for the year 1946. The distribution pattern of the singers and their songs seem to follow the classic Long Tail pattern.

I have simply relied on the availability of the song on YT from among the ones or twos that could be sen scattered in the HFGK database. Barring a very few that I could take to like, documenting all other songs here appears more an exercise for the academic study, but certainly worth its while when you listen to the songs, at least once. And, if they do not sound palatable enough even then, that is the fault of our limited knowledge of the songs and the music of the vintage era.

Solo Songs of Shanta Apte

Shanta Apte was a well-known name in Marathi films. She has acted in a few Hindi films as well, where she rendered her own songs off-the-screen too.

Solah Singar Main Sajaungi – Panihari – S N Tripathi

Charon Aur Andhera, Beech Bhanwar Mein Dagmag Naiya – Subhadra – Vasant Desai – Moti B.A.

Aaj Mori Naiya Kinare Lagi, Asha ki Bel Meri Phooli Phooli – Valmiki – Shankar Rao Vyas – Mahesh Gupta M A

Saraswati Rane

Dekho Ri Sakhi PhooloN Se Phooli Dagariya – Valmiki – Shankar Rao Vyas – Mahesh Gupta, M A

Raag Dwesh Ko Chhod Ke Manwa Gyan Ki Jyoti Jaga Le – Valmiki – Shankar Rao Vyas – Mahesh Gupta, M A

Lalita Deulkar

O Rani….Rani Dheere Dheere Chalo Na Kamar Balkhay – – Valmiki – Shankar Rao Vyas – Mahesh Gupta, M A

Anima Dasgupta

Aankhon Ki Roshani Hai Dil Ki Yeh Chandani Hai – Arabian Nights – Kamal Dasgupta – Faiyaz


Jab Dard Ka Kissa Ham Duniya Ko Sunate Hai – Circus King – J Abhyankar, Nagesh Rao – M Rajiuddin


Kisi Ki Yaad Sataye Balam Kiski Yaad Satae – Saathi – Gulshan Sufi – Wali Sahab

Mumtaz Shanti

Ab Zuban Pe Taale Na Dalo – Dharati Ke Lal = Pt. Ravi Shankar –


Kya Saath Hamara Aur Inaka, Masroor Hao Woh – Laaj – Ramchandra Pal – Sagar Nizami

YT clip mentions Shamshad Begum as the singer. However the following song does show Radharani as the singer, and as she hereself has rendered her own song for the film, it would be safe to assume that singer is Radharani.

Chhayi Hui Hai Duniya Pe Abhi Raat Hai, So Ja – – Laaj – Ramchandra Pal – Sagar Nizami

Iqbal Bano

Ummeedo Par Jawani Aaj Laharai – Rehana – Qadir Faridi –

Snehprabha Pradhan

Sawan Ki Badariya Roti Hai Badariya – Salgirah – Bulo C Rani – Wali Sahab

Baby Anu

Chanda Mama Ne Amrood Churaya Re, Chori Chori Akele Hi Khaya Re – Phoolwari – Hansraj Behl – Pt. Indra

Baby Mumtaz (Madhubala)

Bhagwan Mere Gyan Ke Deepak Ko Jala De – Pujari – Hansraj Behl – Wali Sahab

We will conclude the Micro View of Solo Songs of Other Female Singers for the year 1946 with Solo Songs of Geeta Roy and Lata Mangeshkar in our next episode.