50 Best Websites 2013| Full List | TIME.com


50 Best Websites 2013| Full List | TIME.com.   —  TIME’s annual salute to sites and services that keep you entertained and informed, save you time and money — and maybe even change your life

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LIFE’s Person of the Year

Every year since 1927, TIME magazine has singled out one newsmaker as its Person of the Year — the headline-grabber who most captured the world’s attention and influenced people, for better or for worse, over the previous 12 months. The title has been bestowed upon adventurers (Charles Lindbergh), heroes (MLK), villains (Hitler), royals (Queen Elizabeth II), U.S. presidents (every one since FDR except Ford), and Internet mavericks (Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg). Now the pick has been made for 2011.”


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THe LIFE still continues to be so stunningly active and interesting!

Deep-Space Photos: Hubble’s Greatest Hits

On April 24, 1990, the telescope named after the great astronomer Edwin Hubble burst through earth’s atmosphere and it has been taking photos of the edges of the known Universe ever since. Shortly after its launch, the Hubble snapped a photo of NGC 4261, an elliptical galaxy in the Virgo Cluster.

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The Hubble Telescopes Greatest HitsThe legendary space telescope celebrates its 20th year in orbit

The Attack on Pearl Harbor

This 1942 newsreel shows the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii and the S.S. Normandie fire at a New York City pier (from the Prelinger Archive, Libary of Congress)

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