Thawing of a 40- year-old iceberg

January 3rd to 5th, 2014 was BITS Alumni Association’s Global Meet, at BITS Hyderabad campus.

O P Jagetiya, while shouldering lead responsibilities in arranging the logistics for the event, lost no opportunity to let the process of thawing in motion for the 1971 (-1973) M BA batch’s virtually defunct contacts.

O P Jagetiya took extra pains to get the 1971-1973 MBA Batch to on the same page. When all was said and done, (from R to L in the photograph here) Vinod Laroya, K Shantikumar Prakash Bhalerao, Yours Truly , O P Jagetiya  himself and  Santosh Kumar Hamirwasia and made it to this event.

1971 MBA Batchmates at BGM 2014
1971 MBA Batchmates at BGM 2014

The beauty of this re-union was that we simply put the yawning gap of 40 years aside and carried on as if we had re-assembled after our semester break.

We are now committed to:

  1. To arrange a get-together, at least once every alternate year
  2. To bring contact particulars of all our batchmates on one spreadsheet.
  3. Maintain live contact

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