The Micro View of Songs of 1943 – Setting The Stage

The backward journey of Best Songs for TheYear @ SoY has steadily evolved over the years 1955, 1953, 1951, 1950, 1949  19481947, 1946, and 1945 on the way. At that juncture the journey of the Best songs of year further took off to venture deeper into the vintage era with first milestone of the year 1944.  Presently the journey has reached the year 1943 and is at the stage of the overview post: Best songs of 1943: And the winners are?

The pick of the year 1943 are:

However, with possibly just this much, or a perhaps a little more, known, The Micro View of the Best Songs for the Year also joins this journey of more unknown than knowns fo the year 1943.

On that note, we first recapitulate the key points of the SoY overview article:

Musical landmarks:

All three films, viz. Namaste, Sanjog and Station Master, which Naushad had composed music marked silver jubilee

New Theaters made Kashinath and Wapas, music for which was composed by Panakj Mullick and R C Boral respectively. in the year 1943 even after many stalwarts had left the production house.

Debut, fact file and trivia

V Shantarm sets uo Rajkamal Kalamndir and prodiuces its maiden film Shakuntala, for which music was compsed by Vasant Desai.

Mehboob Khan also sets up his own production banner, with the film Najma, music for which ws composed by Rafiq Ghazanavi

Suraiya opens her career account as an actress with the film Ishara and Hamari Baat.

Shyam Sundar also opens account with Nai Kahani.

Some other music directors also opened their accounts:

Avinash Vyas and A R Quereshi – Mahasati Anasuya

Khursheed Anwar – Ishara

Firoz Nizami – Vishwas

Ghulam Mohammed – Mera Khwab

The lyricists who opened their accounts are:

Bharat Vyas – Duhai

Narendra Sharma – Hamaari Baat

Saraswati Kumar Deepak – Zabaan

Shyamkumar sings first ever song, Dil Ka Gudda Uda, in Namaste.

Bela Kumari (who married Hemant Kuamr) sang her first Hindi song in Kashinath.

K L Saigal’s first film in Bollywood is Tansen.

Kismet sets the record of running continuously for three years and eight months @ Roxy cinema, Calcutta.

Kashinath became last film to be directed by Nitin Bose for New Theaters and Hamaari Baat the last film of Bombay Talkies wherein Devika Rani acted.

Nargis appeared first time on the silver screen as Baby Fatima in Taqdeer.

Ramrajya is the bonly film tha Gandhiji ever saw.

Ek Bewafa Se Pyar Kiya, sung by K Sundarama, in Duniya Diwani appears agin as mukhada of a Aawara (1951) song.

Panghat has two Rajkumaris singing songs – one the famous Rajkumari Dubey ( as a lead singer) and the other Rajkumari Shukla, who sang only in this film!

As we open up our Micro View of the Songs for 1943, we can expect many shades of known, less known as well as unknown songs.

To add further shades, it needs to be noted that 1943 had 105 films, of which details of 3 films are not available. from which 959 songs with their titles are known. Of these songs, singers for more than 412 songs remain unidentified.  Of the 547 songs for which singers are identified, 119 songs are male solos, 256 female solos and 172 duets. We will have to wait for the detailed micro view to see how many of the uncovered songs are available on YT or in audio form.

Of these, List Of Memorable Songs has 98 songs. These songs have been separately listed as Memorable Songs of 1943, with corresponding YT link to the song.

For the year under review, Special songs are indeed special as the list contains songs sung by music directors and the lyricist. I have brought these songs on the same page with Memorable Songs of 1943.

The songs covered in the Memorable Songs of 1943 ans Special Songs of 1943 will not be repeated in the Microview undertaken under hereafter, the different sections.

The stage is now set to commence our journey into the Micro View of the Songs of 1943. I plan to take up only those songs here which are not covered under Memorable Songs of 1943 and Special Songs of 1943.

MY TOP Male Solo Songs
MY TOP Female Solo Songs
MY TOP Duets

MY TOP music director

are concerned for the year 1943.

All the posts that will appear on this subject here have been tagged as Songs of 1943.



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