The Micro View of the Best Songs of 1949 @ SoY – Female Solo Songs – Other Singers – Geeta Roy

In the last episode, we had listened some representative solo songs of Suraiya.

As we will go through the songs of Geeta Roy, we will see that her voice has that distinct charm that spans the voice quality of vintage era female singers as well as that of golden era female singers.

And yet, we do not find that critical mass of box-office chart buster individual songs or the albums. The banners, and as a result, the music directors, that commanded premium in the market place do seem to have veered around Lata Mangeshakar. Well, that would still give enough weight to Geeta Roy to remain a good alternative choice.

Well, what did turn of events did not permit that situation to emerge and sustain is still tucked up in the future.

Mil Gaye Tum Jab – Amar Kahani – Husnlal Bhagatram – Rajendra Krishna

Naino Main Bhar Liya Neer – Chakori – Hansraj Behl – Mulkraj Bhakari

Kotwal Daroga Apna Ki Ab Dar Kahe Ka – Darogaji – Bulo C Rani – Manohar Lal Khanna

[This album had 12 solo songs, all by Geeta Roy! Heroine was Nargis. But the film that was destined to be an in the draw of all-time box-office hits was another Nargis starrer – Barsaat. And that album had all female songs to Lata Mangeshkar’s account!!]

Na Tum Mere Na Dil Mera, Ajab Bebas Hai Meri – Dil KI Basti – Ghulam Mohammad – Waheed Quereshi

Chandani Raat Hai, Gulshan Mein Bahar… – Ek Thi Ladki – Vinod – Aziz Kashmiri

Dukho Mein Jo Muskara Rahe The – Garibi – Bulo C Rani – Shewan Rizvi

Baithi Hun Main Nain Bichhaye, Dil Mein Dil Ka Dard Chhupaye – Hamari Manzil – Husnlal Bhagatram – Rajendra Krishna

Hamein Deke Jaana Nishani Tumhari – Imtihan – Shyam Babu Pathak – A N Shrama

Toote Bandhan Toote Aaj Re – Kamal – S D Burman – Raja Mehdi Ali Khan

Paa Ke Nazaron Ka Ishara, Ham Kisi Ke Ho Gaye – Kaneez – Hansraj Behl – Sarshar Shailani

Chal Diye Moonh Pher Ke – Karwat – Hansraj Behl – Buta Ram Sharma

Gaoon Main Dil Ka Tarana – Nanand Bhojai – Bulo C Rani – Pandit Indra

This is remake of Gujarati film with same name, for which Avinash Vyas had composed the music. Both versions have quite independent songs. The female playback for these songs was also that of Geeta Roy. Here is one such song –

Saji Sole Singaar

Ek Yaad Teri Jeene Ka Sahara – Tara – Vinod – Aziz Kashmiri

Aaya Mera Sajanva Aaya, Ae Chand Na Sharama Tu – Zevrat – Hansraj Behl – Habib Sarahadi

Our next call is solo songs of Shamshad Begum….


10 Replies to “The Micro View of the Best Songs of 1949 @ SoY – Female Solo Songs – Other Singers – Geeta Roy”

  1. These are very rare gems of Geeta Roy. She had introduced O P Nayyar to Hindi cinema, She has sung for very first one of OP Nayyar composition on Radio Ceylon “Pritam aan milo”. The full version is of the song may be available in archives of the Radio company. Later the one line of the song was playing in background in one of the Guru Dutt’s movie.
    Thank you for very interesting posting on Geeta Roy.

    1. Geeta Roy (Dutt) songs in 1949 has a unique style which now we know as the trade mark of her timbre.
      I would be interesting to listen to the full version of Preetam Aan Milo. Even in the condensed version, the memory of that version starts overshadowing the still original C H Atma version.

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