The Micro View of Best Songs of 1947 : The Male Female Duets : Duets of Other Male Singers [1]

The duets of other male singers with all female singers for the year 1947 provide aan excellent view of the singers and the music directors active in 1947. It was while working for this post that I could get to listen to most of the duets, with a quite a few exceptions as well. As with the solos, a few repetitive hearings are not enough to fully appreciate the nuances of these songs. But the experience is certainly worth its while.

Some of the male singers, like Manna Dey and Hemant Kumar also have been included in this omnibus category, even though they have more than one or two duets, because even if combine more than one singers, the total number of duets for 1947 may not make a full-fledged post.

The total numbers of duets is large enough to qualify for the spread of these duets into three posts.

S D Batish & Zeenat Begum – Duniya Chhoote Par Chhoote Na Chhoote Teri Gali Ka Phera Re – Arsi – Lachchhiram / Shyam Sundar – Sarshaar Shailani

Anil Biswas, Shamshad Begum – Chorus – Dekho Hara Hara Ban, Hawa San San Tak Taka Takdhin – Bhookh – Anil Biswas – – Dr. Safadar ‘Aah’

Khan Masatana, Shanbnam  – Dil Lekar Bhool Na Jaana Han Preet Laga Kar Nibhana – Bhool Na Jaana – Khan Masatana – Wahid Queraishi

Indravadan Bhatt, Suriya – Peepal Ki Chhaon Mein Thandi Thandi Hawao Mein – Dak Bangla – Naresh Bhattachary – D N Madhok

Raj Kapoor, Geeta Roy  –O Dumiya Ke Rahane Walo, Kahan Gaya Chitchor – Dil Ki Rani – S D Burman – Y N Joshi

This is the twin version of the Raj Kapoor solo: O Duniya Ke Rahanewalo Kahan Gaya Chitchor Bolo Kahan Gaya Chitchor

Gyan Dutt, Suanada Kamath  – Barbad Kar Daala Mujhe Barbaad Kar Daala Gulabi Ne Gulabi Ne  – Diwani – Gyan Dutt – Shams Lakhanavi

K S Ragi, Geeta Roy = Yaad Rakhan Yaad Rakhana Mujhe Yaad Rakhana, Preet Ki Duniya Meri Abaaaad Rakhana – Do Bhai – S D Burman – Raja Mehandi  Ali Khan

Ram Kamlani, Shamshad Begum – O Dil Pe Teer Chalae Nazariya Tori Re –  Doosri Shadi – Govind Ram – Ishwar Chandra Kapoor

Ram Kamlani, Shamshad Begum – O Bhangiyo Ke Raaja Mera Nanha Sa Dil Bahla Ja –  Doosri Shadi – Govind Ram – Ishwar Chandra Kapoor

Imdad Hussain, Dilshad Begum –Aise Mauke Bhi Kahan Roz Milate Hai – Ek Roz – Shyam Sundar – Sarshar Shailani

Surendra, Amirbai Karnataki –Aaine Mein Ek Chand Si Surat Nazar Aai Hai – Elan – Naushad Ali – Zia Sarhadi

Manna Dey, Rajkumari – Lalit Lavang Lata Parishilan – Geet Govind – Gyan Dutt – Pt. Indra

Manna Dey, Rajkumari – Chhod Sakhi Aaj Laaj, Kahe Jiya Dhadake – Geet Govind – Gyan Dutt – Pt. Indra

Manna Dey, Rajkumari – Shyam Mori Bindiya Bikhar Na Jaye – Geet Govind – Gyan Dutt – Pt. Indra

Manna Dey, Rajkumari, Chorus – Apane Hi Rang Mein Rang Dalun, O Shyam Tohe – Geet Govind – Gyan Dutt – Balam

Manna Dey, Rajkumari – Kit Ho Nandkumar Dhundhat Sab Sansar – Geet Govind – Gyan Dutt – Pt. Indra

We will continue with Micro View of Male-Female Duets of Other Male Singers for 1947 in our next episode too.


In July 2011, I opted to retire from my active career as a practicing management professional. In the 38 years that I pursued this career, I had opportunity to work in diverse capacities, in small-to-medium-to-large engineering companies. Whether I was setting up Greenfield projects or Brownfield projects, nurturing the new start-ups or accelerating the stabilized unit to a next phase growth, I had many more occasions to take the paths uncharted. The life then was so challenging! One of the biggest casualty in that phase was my disregards towards my hobbies - Be with The Family, Enjoy Music form Films of 1940s to mid-1970s period, write on whatever I liked to read, pursue amateur photography and indulge in solving the chess problems. So I commenced my Second Innings to focus on this area of my life as the primary occupation. At the end of four years, I am now quite a regular blogger. I have been able to build a few very strong pen-relationships. I maintain contact with 38-years of my First Innings as freelance trainer and process facilitator. And yet, The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep.

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