Quality Management Articles and Blogs – December 2020

Welcome to December 2020 edition of Carnival of Quality Management Articles and Blogs.

For the year 2020, we have chosen the core subject of Revisiting Basic Quality Concepts w.r.t. the sustained success of the organization As of now we have visited

  • History of Quality in January 2020
  • The Sustained Success of Organization in February 2020
  • Organizational Context in March 2020
  • Understanding Needs and Expectations of the Interested Parties in April 2020
  • Risk Based Approach in May 2020
  • Opportunity Based Approach in June 2020
  • The Organizational Knowledge for the Sustained Success in July 2020
  • Competent people for the sustained organizational success in August 2020
  • Process Management for Sustained Success in September 2020
  • Performance Measurement for Sustained Success in October 2020
  • Improvements for Sustained Success: A canvas of the improvement process to individual and collective mindsets in November, 2020.

We round up our discussion on the subject of Revisiting Basic Quality Concepts with Future of Quality –

People, naturally, see future of quality from the prism of their own context, and the context of the organization, that mostly ‘was’. or sometimes ‘is’, but hardly from ‘what it should be’.

Several magazines, management consulting companies and associations conduct the ‘future of….’ studies every year. We will anchor our focus on these studies during 2021.

For the present here are a few recent studies, for the current readings on the subject:

Quality Digest has run a series of articles by Tom Tormina on ‘The Future of Quality Management is Business Success’. All articles in this series:

The December 2020 issue of Quality Digest also has following articles –

The 12th edition of the World Quality Report 2020-21 (WQR), released by Capgemini, Sogeti, and Micro Focus, shows the steady evolution of quality assurance (QA) from a backroom discipline to an integral part of wider enterprise digital transformation. Contributing to business growth and business outcomes was the highest rated objective for testing and QA at 74% – up 6 percentage points from 2018. The full report can be accessed here.

Considering the phrase continuously improving as a synonyms of evolution, Jimena Calfa’s  2014 article, The Future of Quality: Evolutionary or Revolutionary?, become relevant again. She keeps thinking that Quality is going to keep evolving until the next revolution takes place, where is going to keep evolving from it.

Manikaran Singal in his article Here’s the formula of success you were searching for offers the formula

Future value= Present Value (1+r)n or Success= Efforts (1+results)time where,

The simple translation of the formula gives us the message that whatever the RoI, consistent efforts over a longer time frame can result the present ‘competence’, of an individual or an organization, to deliver sustained desired results.

The article, Quality 4.0: The Future of Quality? notes that ‘Quality 4.0 represents an opportunity to utilize those Industry 4.0 technologies to realign quality functions with broader organizational strategy.

On more mundane, immediate, terms, movement of people, data, and goods will be reshaped in the post-COVID world by the trends of emerging digital technologies and absorption thereof,[1]

To broadly sum up, one may state that to sustain the success in the future, where it is important to do what the successful people did, it is equally important not to do what the unsuccessful people did. But for that, you need to go deeper. In rather jargon terminology, overcome Survivorship Bias..

The detailed note on Future of Quality can be accessed by clicking on the hyperlink.

All facets of Revisiting Basic Quality Concepts that have been discussed at this blog carnival during 2020 can be read / downloaded as one file by clicking on the hyperlink.

We will now turn to our regular sections:

In the series the Organizational Culture, we have taken up Sustaining the Organizational Culture – It shall be well remembered that organizational culture is a means to an end, not an end in itself. The end is your business’s strategic agenda. Thus, sustaining the winning culture should be primarily pursued with the ultimate vision of sustaining the competitive edge, within the constantly varying context of the organization. It’s about raising sights beyond the strategic choices and daily initiatives to change how the organization works.

All month-wise published episodes of the series, published in 2020, The Organizational Culture, are collated in one file and can be read / downloaded by clicking on the hyperlink.

We now watch ASQ TV, wherein we refresh our viewpoints about:

  • The Golden Age of QualityRalph de la Vega, former Vice Chairman at AT&T, announces today is the Golden Age of Quality; a time when companies need to build quality into the product and service and detect problems before they occur.

We have taken up one article from Jim L. Smith’s Jim’s Gems this month, which was /is and will remain to be relevant for all quality professionals –

  • The Moment of Truth – Whether we realize it or not, that everyone’s job, including the quality professional, comes down to one thing; helping our companies, at least those in business to remain profitable, As much as effectively robust processes, customer-need-satisfying competitive products and competent people are needed to run the business successfully, it is equally important that everyone in the organization consciously, and unconsciously, realizes that that their every, direct as well as indirect, interaction with customers (and for that matter with al the relevant interested parties) is that moment of truth that can make, or unmake, an opportunity for the business to remain profitable.

I look forward to your views / comments / inputs to further enrich the subjects of Basics of Quality and Organizational Culture and their role in Creating and Maintaining Sustained Success.

Note: The images depicted here above are through courtesy of respective websites who have the copyrights for the respective images.


All monthly episodes, from January to December 2020 of the Carnival of Quality Management Articles and Blogs -2020 can be seen / downloaded as one file by clicking on the hyper link.

[1] We asked 3 CEOs what tech trends will dominate post-COVIDAndrea Hak

Carnival of Quality Management Blogs and Articles wishes A Qualitatively Rich and Very Happy 2021.



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