The Micro View of The Best Songs of 1950 @ Songs of Yore – Male Solo Songs – Mohammad Rafi

In the preceding two posts we listened to solo songs of Mukesh and Talat Mahmood, respectively, in the previous episodes, as part of our journey through the Best songs of 1950: And the winners are?.

We now take up Mohammad Rafi. As may be observed form the list of Memorable Songs, apparently, Mohammad Rafi has yet to get the firm grip over the industry. The Memorable Songs lists only one of his songs, which even though did notch good numbers, would probably may not figure in the best of Khayyam’s Mohammad Rafi songs.

Our expanded search has yielded a fairly diverse bouquet of Music Directors with whom he has worked in this year. Obviously, some of his duets (Dastan- Naushad) seem to score more points in terms of popularity.

1. Bahut Purdard Hai Ae Sunanewalon Dastan MeriBirha Ki Raat – Sarshar Sailani – Husnlal-Bhagatram

2. Akele mein wo ghabraate to honeBiwi – Wali Saheb – Sharmaji (Khayyam)

3. Na thamate hain aansoo na rukate hain naaleMeena Bazar – (HFGK mentions DN Madhok as the lyricist)

As an interesting aside,  we have another famous song with almost the same mukhda –

Na rukate hain aansoo na thamte hain naale by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

4. Suno meri sarkar zamana ulta haiChhoti BhabhiQamar Jalalabadi – Husnlal Bhagatram

5. Dil Jawani Ke Nashe Mein Choor Hai,… Kaun Kaheta Hai Ke Dilli Door HaiBirha Ki Raat – Sashar Sailani – Husnlal Bhagatram

6. Lut Gaye Lut Gaye Lut Gaye Ho Pyar Mein Tere Lut GayeChhoti Bhabhi – Qumar Jalalabadi – Husnlal Bhagatram

7. Ek Bar Prabhu Ke Ban Ja O SansariAlakh Niranjan – Rammurti – Premnath

8. Vijay Mein Aas HaiAlakh Niranjan – Manohar Khanna – Premnath

9. Sahil Jo Dubo De Kashti KoBaawra – Amar N Khanna – Krishna Dayal

Raj Kapoor was the lead male actor in the film. Hence this song would probably should go to other songs that singers other than Mukesh sang for him in the present year. We will deal with these songs separately.

10. Tute Hue Dul Se Mere Awaz Ye Aai , Mangi Mihabbat Pai JudaaiGauna – Quamar Jalalabadi – Husnalal Bhagatram

11. Meri Lut Gayee Duniya Pyar Ki, Maine Dekhi Reet Sansar Ki Khamosh Sipahi – D N Madhok – Hans Raj Behl

12. Sukh Chhin Liya …O Jaanewale Ye Kya KiyaKisi Ki Yad – Tahir Lakhnavi – Hansraj Behl

13. Zamana Ho Gaya Fariyad KarateShaan– Quaif Irfani – Hansraj Behl




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